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Stacy Lewis soars into award contention

Stacy Lewis soars into award contention

4:05 PM ET

RIO DE JANEIRO — The 63 came flattering most out of nowhere. Stacy Lewis has been muddling by a so-so year on a LPGA Tour, contending though not winning.

She got married recently, that done her preparations — and expectations for a Olympic golf contest rather limited.

And afterwards she walked off a pushing operation Thursday morning, angry with herself as she could not get her pitch dialed in.

But something worked as she traversed a Olympic Golf Course.

Lewis shot an 8-under-par 63 that enclosed a double-bogey to swell adult a leaderboard, where she is 1 cadence behind South Korea’s Inbee Park by 36 holes.

“The initial half of a year wasn’t unequivocally good,” she said. “Wasn’t in row unequivocally much. The swing, a putting, zero was where we wanted it to be. Actually on my approach to Portland (for a contest in late June), we pulled out DVDs of a integrate of my aged wins, and only was perplexing to see what is different. Something has to be opposite here. Saw one thing in a setup of my putting, and that was kind of a large thing was a setup of my putting. Got my hands a small bit serve divided from me.

“But also saw that we strike a lot of bad shots and won golf tournaments. we don’t know what it was, though only examination those videos unequivocally helped me, helped me start personification better. And unequivocally from Portland on, I’ve played some unequivocally good golf. The final 4 weeks, we consider I’ve had 4 tip 10s. So a golf is going in a right direction, and that’s what when we win, it’s customarily after some tip 10s. And so we know we only need to keep harsh out and keep perplexing to play some good golf.”

Now she’s in a good spot, a possibility during a medal, maybe even gold, in her sights. And gripping expectations during a smallest competence not be so easy.

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