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St. Louis local traversing a nation and documenting his travels visits Alton

St. Louis local traversing a nation and documenting his travels visits Alton

ALTON — Bill Clevlen indispensable a change. So he motionless on a change of scenery.

Clevlen, 34, has been a radio celebrity for 14 years, including unchanging hits on KTRS 550 AM in St. Louis, though final year he felt a need to brew things up.

“I was only arrange of removing wearied about a year ago,” Clevlen said. “I thought, ‘You know, I’d unequivocally like to do something different.’”

After weighing his options, Clevlen motionless on travel. Shortly after, he started a website, “Bill on a Road,” with a goal to “re-discover America.” Clevlen travels to opposite American cities — mostly ones that don’t get a ton of inhabitant bearing as traveller destinations — and shares his practice by videos and blogs on a website.

Clevlen recently spent a week in Ohio visiting a state’s parks, and Friday he was in Alton to take in some of a ancestral sights and sounds. As with everywhere else he’s been, Clevlen will afterwards request a outing from his everyman perspective.

“I’m not there as a transport expert,” Clevlen said. “I have no seductiveness in being a transport expert. I’m not going to tell we how we can save income on your airline tickets. we don’t know any of that crap. But it’s fun arrange of being a unchanging man going out and experiencing opposite things and opposite cities.”

Clevlen pronounced some of his favorite places have been low-profile cities — Indianapolis, Milwaukee and Little Rock, Ark., to name 3 — that have astounded him with their beauty. Discovering what creates a city good is one of a best tools of a pursuit for Clevlen.

“Either we have misconceptions about a place, or we only don’t know that it’s there,” Clevlen said. “Milwaukee was a good example. Who says, ‘Hey, let’s go to Milwaukee for a weekend’? Nobody ever says that. we went there, and we was totally blown away.”

Clevlen customarily picks 6 or 7 cities to strike on a trip, plotting a transport in such a approach that he eventually loops behind to his St. Louis home. After Alton, a outing easterly to revisit Panama City Beach, Fla., Baltimore and Washington, D.C., among others, is on tap.

Where he goes from there is still unknown. Clevlen pronounced he’s got another plan in a works for this fall, also centered around his travels. Things have altered in a past year to a indicate that cities and areas of a nation are contacting him to come revisit instead of a other approach around.

And with copiousness of places opposite a nation left to visit, Clevlen pronounced there’s no finish in steer for his glorious adventure.

“There’s a lot to see,” Clevlen said. “There’s a ton of things out there, and as prolonged as there are engaging people and engaging places out there that are peaceful to speak with me and to share their story this could go on forever. We’re a immature nation in a whole intrigue of things, though there’s only so most here, so most history.”

To follow Clevlen in his travels, see where he’s already been or for some-more information, revisit

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