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Speak to your son when he earnings from his travels

Speak to your son when he earnings from his travels

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Dear Annie: My 32-year-old son is now roving abroad on business. He is staying during a hotel, though he visited my sister’s residence to see his aunt and his grandma, who live nearby his place of business. My niece and her father also came by to see my son. My son spent a few hours asleep in my niece’s aged bedroom and afterwards left for a hotel.

Two days later, my son got a call during 2 a.m. from his aunt seeking either he had found a ring in his bag, since her daughter pronounced she left her ring on a makeup list in her aged room. Mind you, she didn’t notice it was blank for dual days. And while my son was in her room, he left his bag in a vital room.

So we theory my sister is accusing my son of hidden a ring. My son denied holding a ring and was really dissapoint and angry. He is still overseas, and we don’t wish to plead this with him now and disquiet his business appointments. My son has never had problems hidden as distant as we know. He lives in L.A. and is financially secure.

What is a best proceed to this situation? Should we usually compensate a value of a ring to my sister? Should we wait until my son comes behind and ask what happened?

— Upset Mom in USA

Dear Mom: Yes, greatfully wait until your son comes back. You don’t seem 100 percent certain that he didn’t take a ring. And of course, it’s equally probable that your niece put a ring somewhere else, doesn’t remember doing so and believes your son took it. Things are unnoticed all a time, and others are mostly blamed. Tell your sister we will pronounce to your son as shortly as he earnings and work it out. If we trust he is obliged for a ring, ask how most it would cost to reinstate it. If we cruise your son is innocent, we could offer to separate a cost for a consequence of family harmony. The cost of a ring is reduction vicious than a attribute with your sister.

Dear Annie: we was recently in a puncture room and afterwards certified to a vicious caring section for 3 days in risk of draining out. we remained in a sanatorium for an additional 3 days.

What hurts some-more than a illness is that not a singular chairman from my family, including my relatives and 8 siblings, called or visited me. The sanatorium is tighten to them, and partial of a time we was there, it was a weekend, and they weren’t working.

Was we awaiting too much? Wouldn’t any decent chairman call to demonstrate regard for a hospitalized family member? It positively changes how we feel about them.

— Sick during Heart

Dear Sick: Of march your family members should have voiced their concern. But did they know? Sometimes, we assume people are wakeful that we are ill or hospitalized, though they don’t find out until you’ve been home for a week. Please call your relatives and siblings. Ask since they seemed so indifferent to your situation. Let them know how most it harm you. We wish things can be mended.

Dear Annie: Your recommendation to “A Wife” per pursuit applications was mark on, generally when we said, “Be certain to embody a cover letter.”

When we owned my possess business, we would not cruise an applicant’s resume but a cover letter. Only once did we negligence this order and hired a chairman whose education were accurately what we was looking for. She quit a month later, observant she was bored. we should have known, since she was not encouraged adequate to write a cover minute in a initial place. A few years later, she contacted me and asked for her pursuit back. we declined.

— Paco from Albany, N.Y.

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