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SpaceX Wins NASA Contract For Global Surface Water Survey Satellite Launch In 2021

SpaceX Wins NASA Contract For Global Surface Water Survey Satellite Launch In 2021

NASA has comparison SpaceX for a launch of a first-of-its-kind scholarship satellite — a Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) spacecraft. The launch, scheduled to take place in Apr 2021, will take place from a Vandenberg Air Force Base in California regulating a Falcon 9 rocket, a space group pronounced in a statement released Wednesday.

“Designed to make a first-ever tellurian consult of Earth’s aspect water, in further to high-resolution sea measurements, a SWOT goal will collect minute measurements of how H2O bodies on Earth change over time,” NASA said. “The satellite will consult during slightest 90 percent of a globe, study Earth’s lakes, rivers, reservoirs and oceans, during slightest twice each 21 days, assist in freshwater government around a world, to urge sea dissemination models and continue and meridian predictions.”

The launch of a satellite, that will be jointly grown and managed by NASA and a French space group Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales, is approaching to cost roughly $112 million.

“We’re vehement to lift this vicious scholarship load into circuit for NASA, a nation, and a general community,” Gwynne Shotwell, boss and arch handling officer of SpaceX, told SpaceNews. “We conclude NASA’s partnership and certainty in SpaceX as a launch provider.”

In further to a blurb resupply services contracts for smoothness of load and organisation to a International Space Station, SpaceX now binds another NASA contract — valued during approximately $87 million, awarded by a space group in Dec 2014 for a launch of a Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite next year.

NASA, on a part, is looking for ways to cut costs of a other space missions — including a designed crewed missions to Mars — by augmenting partnerships with private companies such as SpaceX and a United Launch Alliance. This is something that is also expected to continue under Donald Trump’s presidency, as Vice President-elect Mike Pence has vowed to “promote increasing team-work with a blurb space industry.”

However, SpaceX is nonetheless to resume launches given a Sept.1 explosion that broken one of a Falcon 9 rockets on a launch pad. CEO Elon Musk recently said the company’s rocket launches will expected restart in mid-December.

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