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SpaceX Dragon Returns With 2 Tons of Cargo, Science Experiments From ISS

SpaceX Dragon Returns With 2 Tons of Cargo, Science Experiments From ISS

A private SpaceX Dragon plug forsaken into a Pacific Ocean Saturday, returning roughly 2 tons of load and scholarship experiments to Earth from a International Space Station.

The unmanned Dragon was expelled from a space hire during 9:57 a.m. EDT, followed by a parachute-guided splashdown west of Baja California, that was reliable around 3:38 p.m. EDT. This noted an finish to SpaceX’s fourth of 12 unmanned smoothness missions to a space hire for NASA underneath a $1.6 billion contract.

SpaceX Dragon had been trustworthy to a orbiting lab for a tiny over a month. The supply boat launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on Sept. 21 where it spent dual days chasing a space hire in circuit before advancing with a wanderer outpost on Sept. 23, with 2.5 tons of food, supplies, and vicious scholarship experiments in tow. This enclosed a initial 3D printer in space and a organisation of 20 mice to live in a new rodent habitat.

The astronauts vital and operative on house a ISS finished make-up a Dragon on Friday, Oct 24. NASA astronauts Barry Wilmore and Reid Wiseman maneuvered a robotic arm trustworthy to a space hire to unbolt a Dragon for a outing behind to Earth Saturday.

Dragon is a usually load boat that earnings equipment behind to Earth intact. After a plug is brought behind to pier in California, it will be shipped to a SpaceX estimate trickery in McGregor, Texas reports Christian Science Monitor.

Dragon had approaching to lapse some of a experiments it had brought to space – that enclosed a collection of mutant, stress-resistant fruit flies and a initial exam tools combined in a 3D printer, built by a California-based association Made In Space. The SpaceX Dragon was also approaching to lapse a tiny stand of lettuce grown in space as partial of NASA’s Veg-01 experiment, initial brought to a space hire during a final SpaceX resupply goal in April.

In Total, Dragon returned to Earth Saturday with 3,276 pounds of load and scholarship experiments, SpaceX member confirmed.

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