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Son says Jeb Bush ‘more than likely’ eyeing 2016 run

Son says Jeb Bush ‘more than likely’ eyeing 2016 run

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush isn't articulate about a probability of a 2016 presidential run -- though some of his family members are.

Washington (CNN) — Yet another Bush family member is weighing in on either or not former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will run for boss in 2016.

“I cruise it’s some-more than expected that he’s giving this a critical suspicion in relocating forward,” his eldest son, George P. Bush, told ABC on Sunday.

“If we had asked me a few years back, we would’ve pronounced it was reduction likely,” pronounced Bush, who himself is using for domestic bureau for a initial time as Texas land commissioner.

“The family will be behind him 100% if he decides to do it.”

George P. Bush is a fourth member of his father’s evident family to import in publicly on his dad’s intensity candidacy. And while he says he thinks his father is “still assessing it,” other members of a family have not been bashful about publicly pressuring Jeb Bush to cruise a bid.

Earlier this month, his comparison brother, former President George W. Bush, told Fox News that he thinks “he (his brother) wants to be president.”

“He and we did have a conversation. we of march was pulling him to run for president. He of march was saying, ‘I haven’t done adult my mind,'” Bush 43 pronounced in a Fox News interview. “He’s seen his dad, he’s seen his brother. And so he’s a really courteous male and he’s — he’s weighing his options.”

In April, Jeb Bush’s younger hermit Neil pronounced their father, former boss George H. W. Bush, also permitted a idea.

“If we asked Dad a same doubt — ‘Should Jeb run?’ — he’d contend yes,” Neil Bush said in an talk with CNN’s Gloria Borger. “Yeah, he would contend yeah.”

But not each member of a Republican family is on house with another Bush using for a chair in a Oval Office.

Before a group in a family had begun floating a idea, former initial lady Barbara Bush discharged a notion, suggesting that her family has had a spin ruling a country.

“I cruise this is a good American country, good country. And if we can’t find some-more than dual or 3 families to run for high office, that’s silly, since there are good governors and good authorised people to run,” she said.

While a former initial lady concurred that her son is positively competent for a role, she did admit, “I wish he won’t.”

“I cruise he’ll get all my enemies (and) all his brother’s,” Barbara Bush told PBS in January. “And there are other families. we exclude to accept that this good nation isn’t lifting other smashing people.”

Despite all of a open commotion surrounding Jeb Bush’s intensity candidacy, his son Jeb Bush Jr. certified that a doubt hasn’t flush during family gatherings, nonetheless a emanate is “the 800-pound chimpanzee in a room.”

“A lot of people are watchful to see what Dad does,” Bush pronounced in an talk Thursday with The Wall Street Journal. “There’s a lot of vigour to run.”

Jeb Bush has not been bashful about deliberating a awaiting of a debate with some of a many critical influencers in a suppositious race.

Earlier this week, Bush was bombarded with questions about a probable run when he met with donors and business leaders in South Carolina, multiple sources during a assembly told CNN.

And while his early revisit to a pitch state is notable, his transport circuit around a nation to lift income for GOP hopefuls in rival races is also telling.

Last week, Bush stumped in Michigan for Terri Lynn Land, who faces a closely watched competition opposite sitting Rep. Gary Peters. In September, he attended fund-raisers for struggling obligatory Sen. Pat Roberts in Kansas, gubernatorial carefree Bruce Rauner in Illinois, and in Florida for Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

This week, Bush will transport to Colorado — another pitch state — to debate for Senate carefree Rep. Cory Gardner, who faces a parsimonious competition with sitting Sen. Mark Udall.

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