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Somali Islamist with $3m US annuity on conduct surrenders

Somali Islamist with $3m US annuity on conduct surrenders

Somali soldiers nearby a disadvantage left by a self-murder bombing targeting African Union infantry in September. Photo: Reuters

Mogadishu: A personality of Somali Islamist organization al-Shabab, who has a $3 million US annuity on his head, has surrendered, a Somali supervision executive and internal media pronounced on Saturday, nonetheless a militants pronounced he had prolonged left their organisation.

Zakariya Ismail Ahmed Hersi was one of 7 al-Shabab leaders for whom a US State Department in 2012 offering a sum of $33 million in prerogative income for information that led to their capture.

If true, Hersi’s obey would be a second vital blow to al-Shabab’s care in only a few months. In Sep a group’s categorical leader, Ahmed Abdi Godane, was killed by a US worker strike.

Four suspected al-Shabab fighters are incarcerated by Somali infantry after a gun conflict in Mogadishu on Friday. Photo: AFP

“Al-Shabab personality Zakariya Ismail surrendered to supervision army in El Wak, Gedo region. He is approaching to be flown to Mogadishu tomorrow,” a comparison supervision executive told Reuters.

State radio website Radio Muqdisho also reported Hersi’s surrender, describing him as “the ubiquitous secretary of al-Shabab’s financial (department)”. It did not give reasons for his surrender.

But a comparison member of al-Shabab’s media organisation pronounced Hersi left a Islamist organization dual years ago.

“The supervision exaggerates a story only to cover a new conflict during a [African Union] base,” a al-Shabab figure told Reuters by phone, referring to this week’s conflict on a bottom in a collateral Mogadishu.

“(Hersi) can't have impact on al-Shabab since he is not a member.”

The supervision offering an freedom to al-Shabab members in September, though pivotal leaders have not taken adult a offer.

The al-Qaeda-aligned organization wants to disintegrate a Western-backed Mogadishu government. Although it still controls chunks of a panorama in south and executive Somalia, this year it has mislaid several pivotal towns during dual vital offensives by African Union peacekeepers and a Somali National Army.

However, a organization continues to lift out hit-and-run attacks in Somalia and in beside Kenya, where it has killed hundreds of people over a past 18 months. 


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