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Sen. Marco Rubio travels to New Hampshire, stoking 2016 speculation

Sen. Marco Rubio travels to New Hampshire, stoking 2016 speculation

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio was set to plant his 2016 dwindle in New Hampshire on Friday with a contingent of events and meetings with state reporters.

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The initial eventuality was a fundraiser, in Boston actually, for New Hampshire Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte, who was inaugurated in 2010 with Rubio and could be a pivotal fan for a Florida Republican if he runs for president.

In 2013, Rubio used his Reclaim America PAC to run TV ads fortifying Ayotte for her opinion opposite gun credentials checks.

Around noon Rubio was scheduled to seem during a fundraiser in Bedford, nearby Manchester, for a Republican State Committee. Tickets were $500 and a eventuality will underline former Sen. Judd Gregg and a series of internal officials.

In a dusk Rubio was set to seem during a fundraising cooking for a Rockingham County Republican Committee, where he would broach a debate that is open to reporters.

In between he designed to accommodate with internal reporters, including a sit-down during a inclusive TV hire WMUR and a assembly with a Union-Leader of Manchester, an successful regressive voice in a state.

Rubio’s outing comes as intensity Republican possibilities have begun to revisit a first-in-the republic primary state. Recent visitors have enclosed Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Ted Cruz of Texas, along with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Though Rubio hasn’t been to New Hampshire in about dual years, GOP leaders contend a margin is as far-reaching open as it has been in decades.

“I’m flattering certain he’s going to be creation some-more trips adult there,” pronounced Regina Birdsell, boss of a Rockingham GOP. Asked if Rubio is a viable claimant she said, “Only time will tell. There’s a lot of them out there. There’s a lot we haven’t even listened from yet. The Republicans have a unequivocally good bench.”

Recent polls have shown Paul forward and Rubio carrying slid from past surveys. He took a violence from regressive activists for his purpose in immigration reform. But Andy Smith, a pollster with a University of New Hampshire Survey Center, pronounced electorate during this early state are expected reacting to name recognition. Paul has done a series of visits and his father, Ron Paul, was a renouned former presidential claimant among a state’s libertarian-leaning voters.

“Nobody is out of a game,” Smith said, adding that immigration is not as prohibited an emanate in a state as other tools of a country. “There are so many Republican possibilities that it’s not going to be a defining issue. You could divide a large cube of a electorate since of immigration and still be in really good shape.”

Rubio, who turns 43 after this month, has pronounced he’ll make a preference by a finish of a year or early subsequent year either to run for president, find re-election or leave elective politics.

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