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Savannah sweets: Ice cream and film fans adore Leopold’s

Savannah sweets: Ice cream and film fans adore Leopold’s

The scene: One of a some-more singular grill stories in a country, Leopold’s Ice Cream has been an on-again, off-again Savannah establishment for scarcely a century, bringing Southern aptitude to honeyed desserts, by approach of Greece and Hollywood. Frequently rated among a country’s best ice cream shops, it was founded in 1919 by 3 Greek newcomer brothers, who after copyright their tip recipes as Leopold’s VeriBest. The strange Leopold’s sealed in 1969 after 8 decades, yet Stratton Leopold, son of one of a 3 founders, stored many of a strange fixtures while figure out a really successful Hollywood career as a writer and executive during Paramount. In 2004, after scarcely 40 years in a film business, he and his mother returned to Savannah and reopened Leopold’s, this time in a really primary plcae on Broughton Street, Savannah’s categorical downtown drag, in a center of a bustling tourism core – and of course, subsequent to a selected film theater.

After a decade, a new Leopold’s feels utterly old, with a black and white tile building and ice cream counters set into hardwood cabinetry. It spans dual rooms, and a categorical one has a classical prolonged marble opposite down one side where we sequence and admire a ice cream, and a second room with additional seating during selected immature marble-topped soda fountain tables. If we sequence food over ice cream, they give we a number, we chair yourself, and a food is delivered. Leopold’s gets any reason right, including portion shakes in old-fashioned oversized Coca-Cola eyeglasses with a cosmetic crater on a side to reason a overflow.

It evokes a ended epoch and it should – it might good be a usually ice cream parlor in a universe designed by an Academy Award-nominated set designer, Stratton Leopold’s familiarity Dan Lomino. It incorporates aged fixtures and materials, and a large trace of film collateral, mostly posters from a 60-odd underline films Leopold produced, including a Big Chill, Mosquito Coast, Hamburger Hill and Star Trek. Along with props and an aged film camera on a tripod, modifying equipment, black and white stills, and autographed photos from luminary guest including James Woods and Bob Hope. A prosaic shade in a behind room runs associated films constantly, and even a bathrooms are finished adult with film paraphernalia.

Reason to visit: Ice cream, shakes, shrimp bisque

The food: They do offer food during Leopold’s, and for many visitors it is a place to have lunch and dessert, yet ice cream is really a categorical attraction. The rest of a menu is sandwiches, soups and salads. While limited, all is done really uninformed and tastes that way, with a signature being from-scratch soup of a day, spasmodic Leopold’s famous shrimp bisque, a Southern coastal favorite. This is big-time shrimp country, a land of shrimp and forage and other associated dishes, so not surprisingly a signature sandwich is shrimp salad, served on toasted whole wheat bread with a choice of sides that includes chips, house-made pasta salad or carrots. The pasta salad is elementary yet refreshing, generally in Georgia’s summer heat, tri-color rotini tossed with finely chopped red onion and immature bell pepper, in a light vinaigrette. The shrimp salad is really uninformed and has a lot of tiny internal shrimp, and distinct many defective versions, it is not overly mayonnaisey, or mayonnaisey during all. It’s corpulent with a thick tawny and herby sauce that clings to any crustacean, so it ends adult as radically a large raise of well-seasoned tawny shrimp with lettuce and tomato. It’s utterly good, yet frequency a end dish. That would be a ice cream.

There are dual ways to knowledge a solidified concoctions: eating or drinking. The shakes are really popular, really inexhaustible and excellent. They grasp a hardest attainment in a shake world, being about as thick as probable while remaining indeed drinkable. If we adore shakes we will adore these, yet distinct many difficult shake specialists, they hang with classics like chocolate rather than adding peanut butter cups and charity difficult varieties.

The ice cream itself is all done daily on a premises, and there are a integrate of signatures, maybe nothing some-more famous than Tutti Frutti, a judgment that was invented here in 1919. The ice cream itself is easily strawberry flavored and light pink, and contains nuts and rum, yet a genuine tip is candied fruits, including pineapple and cherries. It’s a like it or hatred it flavor, not my personal favorite as we don’t adore candied fruit, yet some people swear by it. It is positively unique. Another residence specialty is Chocolate Chewies and Cream, that as a pointer says, combines dual Savanah favorites. we could ambience a cherries yet couldn’t figure out a second internal further until we tasted it, and a season has not only chunks of fudge spirit (the “chewies”) in a abounding cream-flavored base, yet also pecans, a dear Georgia nut. It is chock full of both so we get something good in any bite. But if we like pecans, a Butter Pecan, with uninformed Georgia nuts, is a many greatly eccentric we have ever tasted, and in college we managed an artisanal ice cream parlor where butter pecan was one of a best sellers. This is a moral take on a genre.

Overall, Leopold’s is old-school ice cream, winning with high peculiarity and well-chosen mixture and combinations, rather than with a ultra-rich high butterfat calm of today’s super reward ice creams. For that reason we suggest skipping a plain singular season varieties and going with some-more formidable combos, since a ice cream itself wows reduction than a sum of a parts. There are always about dual dozen unchanging flavors, and a line-up of anniversary specialties such as an autumnal Pumpkin Spice and some amazingly singular varieties including Japanese Cherry Blossom, Huckleberry Cheesecake and Chatham Artillery Punch Sorbet, whatever that is.

Pilgrimage-worthy?: Yes for ice cream fanatics and a must-try dessert stop for other Savannah visitors.

Rating: Yum! (Scale: Blah, OK, Mmmm, Yum!, OMG!)

Price: $-$$ ($ cheap, $$ moderate, $$$ expensive)

Details: 212 East Broughton Street, Savannah; 912-234-4442;

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