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Saturday Night Live recap: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Saturday Night Live recap: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Saturday Night Live holiday episodes can routinely come full of luminary cameos, Christmas cheer, and varying degrees of indeed humorous sketches. And yet a few former SNL expel members seemed (and a now annual Christmas cameo from Paul McCartney occurred), a Tina Fey and Amy Poehler-hosted partial relied some-more on a comedic chemistry of a guest duo, rather than overindulging in throwing famous faces during a uncover each few minutes.

And since of that focus, a uncover was many improved for it, delivering a clever episode, a rocking low-pitched guest, and usually adequate supplemental Fey and Poehler friends to make a night feel like a special arise it was to have dual of Studio 8H’s biggest behind in those sacred halls.

Sure, Weekend Update could have used some-more of a hosting twin returning to their former gig (though it was expected a unwavering preference presumably on their partial to leave it to a stream group or from a producers to not have them shroud Colin Jost and Michael Che). And some sketches really dipped into a domain of being beguiling since of how good Fey and Poehler are and not for how humorous a blueprint indeed is.

The night was still full of waggish sketches, returning favorites, and copiousness of Bruce Springsteen, so review on for some of a night’s best moments, like…

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Meet Your Second Wife


“Meet Your Second Wife” walks a excellent line of being darkly comedic or spilling over into horrifically descent territory. And while a set-up sounds primed to go wrong (adult group are introduced to their destiny second wives, underage or unborn girls who they will marry years from now, while their initial wives are in a audience), it’s executed with a accurate reactions to make a terrible thought of such a diversion uncover hilarious. All of a group are unknowingly during a start of a show’s purpose and are afterwards repelled and frightened as they find out a true, indecorous inlet of it all. Throw in a wives’ reactions, and you’ve got one of a many astonishing yet presumably best sketches of a season.


Ghosts of Hillary’s Past


While a Hillary Clinton-meets-Hillary Clinton blueprint seemed like an apparent thought going into a show, a episode’s execution did not disappoint, with Poehler’s Clinton entrance to advise Kate McKinnon’s version of a presidential candidate. The dual trade information, stream day-Clinton creates certain past Clinton can’t send emails, and Poehler’s Clinton takes utterly a decrease when she discovers how many easier of a time present-day Clinton seems to have in a presidential race. Then a blueprint raises a bar with a spin for a “you betcha’” when Fey earnings to her Sarah Palin wig.

Dope Squad


Taylor Swift’s patrol might have ruled a 2015 news cycle, yet Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s squad is, as a pretension suggests, utterly dope. Poehler’s nanny, Fey’s nanny, and a common gynecologist are among a squad, yet a dopest of a bone-head come in a form of a rapping Aidy Bryant and Amy Schumer, who caps off this good “Bad Blood” parody.

Christmas Cameos


The night featured a initial cameo in a cold open, with Darrell Hammond returning as Donald Trump for a satire of a latest presidential debate. (ASIDE: While it’s good to have Hammond back, is this a pointer that a uncover usually isn’t accurately certain how it wants to proceed Trump? Taran Killam and Hammond seem to go behind and forth, Trump himself hosted, and a uncover bounces between indeed feigning Trump’s real-world function and returning to a mimic of him. ASIDE TO ASIDE: Hammond returning is great, yet Jay Pharoah’s exhausted Ben Carson stole a show. END ASIDES)

And afterwards Maya Rudolph, who appears in Fey and Poehler’s Sisters, earnings as well, initial for a blueprint of aged Christmas performances to purchase. (It also includes one of a show’s now singular takes on Bill Cosby, as Kenan Thompson put behind on a Cosby sweater to, in a set-up that speaks for itself, take partial in a “Baby It’s Cold Outside” duet.) She afterwards reunites with Poehler for “Bronx Beat,” where a dual entice on Betty Caruso’s cousin Karen, played by Fey.

Return to Weekend Update



Fey and Poehler found their approach behind to a Update desk, yet usually to contend one fun apiece. They sealed out a final Update with a final dual jokes of 2015, yet Che and Jost also had their moments during a night, in sold Jost’s puncture comparing Martin Shkreli to a Grinch.

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime Because Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town

Bruce Springsteen and a E Street Band incited in dual good performances of songs from The River, yet it’s tough to repudiate a perfect fun of their “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town.” Performed during a credits, Fey and Poehler are on stage, along with Paul McCartney (who has been around for several SNL Christmas episodes in a final few years), a E Street Band, and a cast. It won’t tip a iconic available version, yet it was usually a right sip of Christmas hearten to finish a night — and a year of SNL — on before streamer into 2016.


Check out a final shred of a video next for a performance.

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