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Saturday Diary: Long-time Browns fan ponders switching allegiances to Steelers – Pittsburgh Post

Saturday Diary: Long-time Browns fan ponders switching allegiances to Steelers – Pittsburgh Post

As a lifetime Cleveland Browns fan vital in Pittsburgh — and how many times have we listened a judgment start off like that? — I’ve famous my share of suffering.

Believe me, it’s tough adequate being a Browns fan, let alone being one who resides in a heart of Steelers Country. Let’s face it. The Browns are not a unequivocally good football group and they haven’t been one for utterly some time. They remove tighten games. They remove blowouts. They find bizarre ways to remove games, like when a linebacker took off his helmet too soon, earning a chastisement that gave a hostile group a possibility to flog a game-winning margin idea with no time on a clock.

Two of their many famous playoff games, both heart-breaking losses, are famous simply as The Drive and The Fumble. 

They’ve had 9 opposite conduct coaches given 1999. Over that same period, a Steelers have had two. And both of those guys won Super Bowls.

And afterwards there’s a quarterback position.  The Browns go by quarterbacks like McDonald’s goes by french fries.

No fewer than 25 players, some of them decent, some of them disasters, have crouched underneath core for a Browns. Tomorrow, someone named Cody Kessler, will turn No. 26 in that unused list. He replaces Josh McCown, who got harmed final week. McCown was usually personification given a Game 1 starting quarterback, Robert Griffin III, got harmed a week before. 

That means 5 opposite starting quarterbacks in a final 5 unchanging deteriorate games. NBC Sports put it in some perspective. The Green Bay Packers also have used 5 opposite starting quarterbacks — given 1992.

I wish Cody Kessler luck, though I’m commencement to consider that it’s time for me to pierce on. Maybe it’s time we started rooting for a hometown Steelers.

You have to understand, this is no tiny thing I’m articulate about. we was a deteriorate sheet hilt to a Browns for decades, a loving possession that we kept even after my mother and we changed to Pittsburgh in 1985. we finally gave adult a tickets in 2007 though during slightest they’re still in a family.

I grew adult rooting for a Browns. It was easy then: they were good some-more mostly than not. My father had deteriorate tickets, going behind to 1965, so we saw many of a Browns who now are in a NFL Hall of Fame: Jim Brown, Leroy Kelly, Gene Hickerson, Paul Warfield and Ozzie Newsome, among them.

At one time, a Browns were a titans of a NFL. The emerged from a aged All-America Football Conference, where they were a long-lived power. They assimilated a NFL in 1950, churned a fortifying champion Philadelphia Eagles in their initial diversion and won a NFL pretension that year.

In all, a Browns have won 8 championships, 4 with a aged AAFC, and 4 NFL titles. The Browns final won a NFL championship in 1964, though they’ve had lots of good, infrequently even good teams, including one that mislaid a AFC pretension diversion dual years in a quarrel to a Denver Broncos.

But a not so humorous thing happened in 1995. The team’s former owner, whom we won’t name here, changed a group to Baltimore, violation hearts adult down a North Coast of Ohio and all opposite a far-flung Browns Backers Association.

We got a group behind in 1999, though solely for a group colors, a Cleveland Browns 2.0 bear small similarity to a once unapproachable authorization that used to suffer a exhilarated Turnpike adversary with a Steelers. There are lots of reasons, though 50 years of futility starts to wear on you.

[We miscarry this Saturday Diary to pierce we a violation news item: Browns rookie far-reaching receiver Corey Coleman pennyless his palm in use this week and will be out 4 to 6 weeks.]

See what we mean? So yeah, maybe it’s finally time to pierce on.

After all, Pittsburgh has been my home for some-more than 30 years now. All of a children were innate and lifted here. we have grown some smashing friends, notwithstanding a differences over football. we might not have a Pittsburgh accent, though I’m smooth in Pittsburghese. I adore Primanti’s. we base for a Pirates (they’re not unequivocally rivals of a Indians). we resolutely trust there is no improved place on Earth to watch a ball diversion than PNC Park.

So, yeah, maybe it’s time. Maybe I’ll only start rooting for a Black ’n’ Gold. Even a doctrinaire Browns fan respects a Rooney family.

Maybe it’s time we assimilated a tailgating, towel-waving, Ravens-hating throng that rocks to “Renegade.” 

Maybe I’ll join in as they intone Here we go Steelers! Here we go! 

Long pause.


Matt Smith is a Post-Gazette’s emissary internal news editor and a member of a Pittsburgh Browns Backers Association (

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