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San Bernardino victims’ families share tears, stories with Obamas

San Bernardino victims’ families share tears, stories with Obamas

Last Updated Dec 19, 2015 10:51 PM EST

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — At a list inside a Indian Springs High School library, Mandy Pifer sat alone, a final name of her beloved killed in a San Bernardino militant attack printed on a tag in front of her.

Nearby, kin of a 13 other people killed sat and waited anxiously. Some retained commemorative use programs with a photos and biographies of their deceased. One hold a invitation to President Obama’s 2009 coronation his brother-in-law had gleefully obtained.

Pifer wrote out a pointer with a words, “I got you.”

When Mr. Obama and initial lady Michelle Obama entered a room and done their approach from one list to a next, spending about 10 mins with any family Friday evening, a grief, unhappiness and disappointment of a final 17 days were resolutely on display.

Some strew tears. Others asked questions. Everyone got a hug.

“I was only unequivocally beholden for a time and it was a unequivocally insinuate meeting. It wasn’t, ‘Sorry for your loss, we’re out of here.’ They were there for over dual hours,” Pifer, whose beloved Shannon Johnson was killed, told CBS News.

“It only felt like they were unequivocally benefaction in their review with me,” Pifer said. “They are ill and sleepy of doing these things, assembly a families.”

For scarcely 3 hours, the Obamas met with relatives of a 9 group and 5 women killed Dec. 2 when a married integrate non-stop glow on a husband’s colleagues during a work holiday entertainment in San Bernardino, about 60 miles easterly of Los Angeles. CBS Los Angeles reported commemorative services were hold Saturday for 3 of a victims.

The FBI is investigating a box as an act of terrorism. The couple, American-born Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, 29, of Pakistan, pledged devotion to a personality of ISIS on Facebook, moments before a shooting, authorities said. Both Farook and Malik were after killed in a gunfight with police.

Consoling a victims of gun violence has turn a grave protocol via Mr. Obama’s presidency.

Mr. Obama pronounced assembly with a families in San Bernardino was a pointer “of what’s good in this country.”

“As formidable as this time is for them and for a whole community, they’re also deputy of a strength and a togetherness and a adore that exists in this village and in this country,” a boss pronounced late Friday after assembly secretly with a family members.

“Even as we are observant about preventing militant attacks from happening, even as we insist that we can’t accept a idea of mass shootings in open places and places of work and worship, we have to remind ourselves of a strenuous good that exists out there,” Mr. Obama said.

The assembly Friday came as some families are still burying their dead.

“My hermit will never get his daughter back,” pronounced George Velasco, whose niece, Yvette Velasco, 27, was killed. “But during slightest we know they are holding it unequivocally seriously.”

When Mr. Obama approached a Velasco’s family table, he told a family he knew zero he could contend would ever truly comfort them, yet that he was unequivocally contemptible for their loss, Velasco said. The family showed a boss a design of Yvette Velasco on a cellphone and her father told Mr. Obama how unapproachable he had been of her work as an examiner with a county Department of Environmental Health.

The boss told them he and his mother were relatives too and that, “they can't suppose a detriment like ours.”

“I couldn’t trust that he was spending that most time with us,” Velasco said. “It was heartfelt. we could feel it. It was something he unequivocally felt and believed.”

The mood in a room was somber, yet any family seemed to perk adult when Mr. Obama arrived during their table. When Mr. Obama reached a family of Isaac Amanios, he asked a 60-year-old health inspector’s mother about how prolonged they had been married and about his 3 children about their lives.

He told Amanios’ children that they were his father’s legacy.

The family showed a boss a invitation Amanios had perceived to attend a 2009 inauguration. Amanios had lifted income for Mr. Obama’s 2008 campaign, even yet a newcomer from Eritrea was still not authorised to vote, his brother-in-law, Robel Tekleab, said.

“I know it helped tonight,” Tekleab said. “I can’t pronounce about a future. But it positively did a good thing tonight.”

Pifer sat during one of a final tables a Obamas visited. While she waited, she wrote out a pointer with Johnson’s final words. Johnson’s colleague, Denise Peraza, who survived a attack, pronounced Johnson huddled with her underneath a list that morning as bullets flew opposite a room.

He hold her tighten and told her, “I got you.”

Peraza credits Johnson with her survival, and given afterwards a word “I got you” has widespread opposite amicable media. Pifer and Peraza are in a final stages of formulation a substructure in Johnson’s memory.

Pifer told a boss about Johnson and how most he desired life. They betrothed to yield whatever support they could and Michelle Obama even pronounced she would swat or perform during a fundraising unison for a foundation, Pifer said.

“I feel like they’re on my side,” she said. “They’re on a side. And that he’s going to keep operative to make this improved even after he’s left office. It’s personal for them.”

Pifer pronounced a Obamas’ revisit was helpful.

“It’s assisting a lamentation process,” Pifer said. “It was unequivocally comforting.”

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