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Samsung slammed by Chinese state TV over Note 7 remember ‘discrimination’

Samsung slammed by Chinese state TV over Note 7 remember ‘discrimination’

Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Note 7 new smartphone is displayed at
a store in Seoul


By Sijia Jiang

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Chinese state broadcaster CCTV has slammed
South Korean tech hulk Samsung Electronics Co for what it said
was “discrimination” opposite China consumers in a doing of a
tellurian remember of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to reinstate batteries.

In a explanation square posted on a website on Thursday evening,
CCTV pronounced Samsung’s function in China after a Sept. 2 remember of
2.5 million phones was “full of arrogance”.

CCTV pronounced a video reparation Samsung released to U.S. consumers, along
with several deputy options and compensation, was in stark
contrariety to a diagnosis of those in China, where a company
released a brief matter observant many phones didn’t need to be
replaced. “Samsung’s discriminatory process has caused discontent
from Chinese consumers,” it said.

Samsung China didn’t immediately responded to requests for
critique on a CCTV criticism.

The CCTV critique might yield an unwelcome daze for
Samsung as seeks to accelerate a position in a world’s largest
smartphone market. Once a series 1 mobile phone businessman in
China, Samsung forsaken out of tip 5 in 2015, strike by a strong
expansion of domestic brands like Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo.

A series of big-name tellurian consumer brands have depressed tainted of
a successful broadcaster’s blasts in new years, prompting
firms from German automaker Volkswagen AG to Samsung opposition Apple
Inc to commence eager efforts to accelerate their image.

Earlier in September, after a assembly with China’s peculiarity safety
watchdog, Samsung China released a brief matter observant 1,858
Note 7 inclination sole in a nation as partial of a exam scheme
before a central launch would be recalled.

Most Note 7s on sale in China have batteries from a different
retailer and are not partial of a tellurian remember of 2.5 million
phones announced on Sep 2, Samsung said.

But after anecdotal reports of a handful of Note 7s throwing fire
in a mainland, Samsung China released a matter on Thursday
apologizing to Chinese consumers for a “lack of sufficient
explanation” on what it pronounced were protected Note 7 phones in China.

(Reporting by Sijia Jiang; Editing by Kenneth Maxwell)

Read a strange essay on Reuters. Copyright 2016. Follow Reuters on Twitter.

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