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Samsung Galaxy A5 Early Review – Another Sleek, Performance Phone

Samsung Galaxy A5 Early Review – Another Sleek, Performance Phone

Samsung did not accomplish being a largest smartphones builder on a creation churning out half-baked gadgets – that many we agree.

That is flattering many what we are saying with a new entrant, Samsung Galaxy A5 – another neat pattern phone from Samsung.

The best we’ve seen of Samsung Mobile skill has essentially come out in both literal, and metaphoric luminosity on those overwhelming Super AMOLED displays a South Korean tech hulk dons on a flagship devices. One area many critics have poked fun during however, has been Samsung’s pattern tendencies.

The polycarbonate element clad roughly by each other Samsung smartphone is not usually a fingerprints magnet, though kind of creates an differently costly jigger feel inexpensive and an afterthought – not certain anyone wants that. Looks can be deceiving alright, though given Samsung Mobile announced a Samsung Galaxy Alpha array a bit back, we are some-more than happy to examination a Samsung Galaxy A5 – a neat all steel phone that performs even better.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Review

Top Tech Specs

  • One of a sleekest, appealing smartphones on a marketplace currently with a all-metal design
  • Ultra-slim, light-weight and colourful screen
  • 5 Megapixel front camera elegantly takes caring of your “selfies” and video job needs
  • Powerful Quad-core engine
  • Ample RAM for multitaskers

Body and Build Design

The superstar here of course, is a full steel unibody Samsung clad a Galaxy A5. We can’t remember a final time we saw a Samsung flagship this attractive. Even a records-breaker, S3 was clad in plastic. Add to that a fact it’s a mid-range device, and we are tempted to get one already.

Samsung competition an all-aluminium unibody on a Galaxy A5. That substantially helps to slim down a device to usually 6.7 mm (0.26 inches), about a same density as a iPhone 6 Plus, while creation it acceptably light during 123 g (0.46 oz) only. Standing during 139.3 mm (5.48 inches) and carrying a 5.0-inch display, it’s unequivocally smaller than a Note 4 stablemate.

The arrangement is awesomely Samsung. You know, that informed Super AMOLED screen. It rocks a fortitude of 1280 x 720 during 294 pixels per inch.

Power and Performance

Finally! A good try during aesthetics luminosity joined with opening gitz from Samsung.

Under a hood there’s a 1.2 GHz Cortex-A53 Quad-core Snapdragon engine from Qualcomm. Any loiter issues pierce out a window interjection to 2GB of RAM, that is wise for a specs list. Graphics get a satisfactory share of courtesy with a commissioned Adreno 306 GPU. So gamers and graphics fanatics competence not protest much.


The Samsung Galaxy A5 section will boat pre-installed with Android OS v4.4.4 (Kit Kat). Details about upgrading to Android 5.0 Lollipop are still poor during this stage, though with android, we competence not wish to lay many wish in that. Samsung’s possess TouchWiz UI creates that familiar, unchanging quip here.

The device borrows a few pretence cues from a many bigger Note 4. Unfortunately Uncle Sammy from South Korea is not divulgence many right now, though shortly we get a innard sum of a program sphere, we’ll let we rip during them.


The Galaxy A5 behind cover is non-removable, a thing we’ve come to get used to with iPhones. However, a microSD label can still be slid on a side for expandable memory boost adult to 64 GB. Flash memory on-board is flattering many decent during 16 GB for a mid-range category. You get 2GB of RAM multitasking memory, that is ample.


The front camera pulls a courtesy here. At a poignant 5 MP, Samsung is clearly perplexing to gain on a “selfies” movement. Most high-end flagships, including a Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus are not that generous.

The “selfies” cam includes scenery mode seen on a Note 4 where we can “expand” a angles held on a front camera from 100 degrees in mural mode. Triggering a camera from a behind heart rate monitor, like in a high-end Note 4 and S5, is not a pleasure you’ll have here. Hold a palm in front and a 3-second countdown launches promptly.

Round a behind is an equally spiced behind camera. It facilities 13 MP, with hold focus, LED Flash, scenery mode and ability to record Full HD video during 30 frames per second.


The phone ferries a 2300 mAh energy plant. Like all metal-clad phones we’ve come across, a behind cover hence battery is non-removable. The energy should final we a day with unchanging use, though will need a recharge with hardcore internet browsing and video playback. Browsing on WI-FI competence get we reduction hours.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Preview Verdict

Surely, a A5 will win accolades in any beauty contest. However Samsung seems to be carrying issues production these. The association reports usually around 50% of build units are within a peculiarity standards. The phone’s vigilance accepting is also reportedly diseased compared to a S5. We wish to get some-more sum on a A5 indication when it comes out after this year – can substantially be in 2015, too.

Could Samsung be carrying issues churning out a initial all-metal mid-range smartphone? We wish not, since a pierce to move a reward product into a mid-range difficulty is unequivocally a worthy one.

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