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Salinas local roving cranky nation with inflatable testicle

Salinas local roving cranky nation with inflatable testicle

Thomas Cantley, a 31-year-old testicular cancer survivor and Salinas native, is pulling a 6-foot inflatable “testicle” opposite a nation to beget recognition and support for immature men’s health issues.

Cantley began his trek in Santa Monica, California, on Sept. 4, and a tour will finish in New York City in early October. 

“I wanted to do arrange of a amicable experiment,” Cantley said. “I didn’t wish to force myself on anyone, and what this does, it army people to come to me, ask me, ‘What is this, what’s it about, it kind of looks like a testicle, what’s going on?’ It creates that conversation.”

VIDEO: Meet “Mr. Ballsy” Thomas Cantley

This week, he’s here on a Central Coast.  Cantley is enlivening people to come and find a hulk testicle as it rolls by Monterey, Salinas and Carmel.

After being diagnosed with theatre 3 testicular cancer in 2009, Cantley wanted to inspire organisation to get tested.

“It’s a 96 percent presence rate if held early, so when we locate it early during theatre one, a not progressive, it’s contained,” Cantley said.

Cantley pronounced being diagnosed with cancer was the many terrifying duration of his life, and he felt he had nowhere to turn.

Cantley became dependent with a Testicular Cancer Foundation, determined an online cancer support organisation for men, and brainstormed his round pulling idea. 

“I’m doing it for these people, these survivors, these immature guys,” Cantley said. “I wish to infer we don’t need billions of dollars or a guarantee of a heal to make a disproportion in a quarrel opposite cancer. we also wish to infer village is built on care and kindness.”

His idea is to not spend any income on transportation, lodging, and food. Instead, Cantley is putting his faith in a people he runs into on his tour to donate.

“My idea is to get opposite a nation not by any money,” Cantley said. “I wish people to come and (say), ‘I’ll book a hotel room, I’ll take we out to lunch, I’ll fill adult your gas tank’ or whatever, and we wish those earthy connections, we don’t only wish people to present to me, we wish people to bond with me.”

To learn some-more about Cantley’s tour or to donate, visit a project’s website,

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