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Roku, Chromecast Or Fire TV: Which Streaming Stick Is Right For You?

Roku, Chromecast Or Fire TV: Which Streaming Stick Is Right For You?

If you’re looking to supplement streaming capability to your TV though holding adult extra shelf space, a streaming hang can be a good—and reduction expensive—alternative to the standard set-top box . Roku, Google Google, and now Amazon all make sticks that let we watch cinema and TV from services like Netflix Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime Instant Video. Not many incomparable than a unstable peep drive, these sticks block into your TV’s HDMI pier and stream video regulating your Wi-Fi connection. You remove a beefier processors, additional storage and inputs that come with a incomparable set-top boxes. But a sticks still provide HD output, a far-reaching welfare of calm to watch and a ability to share your personal photos and videos on a vast screen. Which one should we buy? The answer comes down to how you’ll be regulating it.

Amazon, Google, and Roku all offer sticks that block into your TV's HDMI port, vouchsafing we watch online video from Netflix and other streaming services.

Amazon, Google, and Roku all offer “sticks” that block into your TV’s HDMI port, vouchsafing we watch online video from Netflix and other streaming services.

Interface Interface

If the suspicion of adding nonetheless another remote control to your party room arsenal creates we shudder, or we simply hatred onscreen TV menus, you’ll be happy to know that Google’s Chromecast does divided with both. You control Chromecast wholly with your phone or tablet, regulating it to play/pause and typing on a keyboard to browse, hunt and enter any required login info. After installing a Chromecast app (Android, iOS) to span your device with a stick, you’ll find an idol on many of your media apps that lets we “cast” their calm directly to your TV. And since your TV is now doing a tangible streaming, we can use your phone or inscription for other things while a content is playing. Friends and family can expel to your TV from their inclination too, as prolonged as they’re on a same Wi-Fi network.

Both the Roku Streaming Stick and Amazon Fire TV hang boat with earthy remotes. The onscreen interfaces of both platforms concede we to crop calm though many fuss. Roku’s interface is many some-more app dubious though, with title searches bringing adult matches from several services, making it easy to select a lowest-priced option. Amazon, as you’d expect, puts a Instant Video options front and core on a home screen. With a Fire TV Stick, searches are mostly singular to Amazon’s possess catalog. Matches in Hulu Plus, Crackle, Vevo, and Showtime are included, though to see Netflix formula you’ll indeed have to hunt directly inside a app. Neither a Roku nor Amazon remotes include voice search. For that choice you’ll have to use a Roku and Fire TV smartphone apps (the latter is now Android-only). Amazon does sell a $30 voice-search enabled remote that ships with a Fire TV.

Verdict: The Roku and Fire TV sticks offer a best of both worlds with a earthy remote and mobile app for easier searches. Currently, a Fire TV app is singular to Android devices, creation a Roku Streaming Stick a many stretchable option.


There’s really small unsentimental disproportion among these sticks in terms of a content you can watch. While Roku boasts of 1,800 channels, there are usually a handful you’d ever indeed watch. All 3 sticks cover renouned services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Instant Video, and ESPN ESPN. And we can watch YouTube videos on each of them as well. Amazon doesn’t offer HBO Go yet, so if Game of Thrones is a must-watch, you’ll wish to demeanour elsewhere. And Comcast subscribers should note that a wire provider now blocks HBO Go entrance to a business on all Roku (and Sony Playstation) devices. Chromecast stands out in that we can expel web calm from any computer that’s regulating Google’s Chrome browser. So for apps that Chromecast doesn’t directly support, like Amazon Instant Video for example, we can still enjoy a film on your TV by rising Amazon’s site on your Mac or Windows machine. The Fire TV Stick, as you’d imagine, creates it really easy to find and watch calm from Amazon’s possess video service, and a rapid dual-core processor and vast memory cache concede those cinema and shows to start using roughly immediately after we press play.

Verdict: For Amazon Prime subscribers, a Fire TV Stick offers a fastest approach to find and watch Amazon’s free content. HBO subscribers will need possibly the Roku Streaming Stick or Chromecast to watch stream fare like Game of Thrones. If we wish to expel calm from your computer, Chromecast is a choice for you.

Usability and price

Don’t be fooled by product shots showing a cord-free streaming setup. These sticks all need to pull power. If your TV has a USB port, we can use that. Doing so, however, means that a hang contingency energy adult each time we spin on a TV, a routine that can take  several seconds. For a many seamless opening you’ll need to use a good old AC wall adapter (included) plugged into an outlet. These sticks are all around 3 inches in length, something to be wakeful of if we have a wall-mounted TV with rear-facing ports. Fortunately, both a Chromecast and Fire TV sticks come with HDMI extenders that hook so a sticks can hang vertically, holding adult reduction space. If we bought a twin rope wireless router to forestall division with your Wi-Fi connection, you’ll remove that advantage with a Chromecast that usually operates on a lower2.4 GHz band.

Roku’s Streaming Stick is a many costly of a three. If we wish to setup streaming entrance for multiple TVs in your house, its $50 cost tab can supplement up. Google labelled Chromecast really aggressively, and during $35 it often ranks as the top-selling wiring product on Amazon, a fact that certainly shabby a Fire TV Stick’s $39 price.

Verdict: If you’re looking to buy some-more than one, $35 for a Chromecast is tough to pass adult as prolonged as we don’t need twin rope Wi-Fi.

In a end, a choice of that one to buy depends mostly on your welfare for a physical contra smartphone app remote and whether you’re an Amazon Prime member. No matter that stick you confirm to get you’ll be means to suffer a wealth of cinema and TV shows and expected come one step closer to removing absolved of wire altogether.

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