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Roger Waters’ ‘The Wall’ Tour Documentary Premieres in Toronto

Roger Waters’ ‘The Wall’ Tour Documentary Premieres in Toronto

By Daniel Kreps |
Sep 7, 2014

Roger Waters celebrated his 71st birthday Sep 6th during a Toronto International Film Festival by attending the universe premiere of his new documentary Roger Waters: The Wall. TIFF was a ideal venue for a former Pink Floyd bassist to entrance his film given The Wall Live debate indeed began a run during Toronto’s Air Canada Centre on Sep 15, 2010, so Roger Waters: The Wall‘s TIFF premiere was like entrance full circle. Also, what improved approach to follow “Bill Murray Day” than with a film that explores Waters’ epic debate from behind “the Wall.”


Pink Floyd

Longtime Radiohead writer Nigel Godrich is credited with “Sound” in Roger Waters: The Wall, along with maestro sound mixer Adam Scrivener. The documentary runs for 133 mins – 12 mins longer than the classical double-LP itself – and was co-directed by Waters and Sean Evans, who was The Wall Tour’s artistic director. Roger Waters: The Wall was filmed in 3 cities on dual continents. So far, no recover date has been announced for a documentary, though there will be two some-more Toronto screenings. Waters also suggested that his debate documentary could double as “an anti-war, criticism film.” 

Following a premiere, and after an unpretentious serenade of “Happy Birthday” by a crowd, Waters conducted a QA event with assembly members and was asked because Pink Floyd’s The Wall is so enduring. “I consider people are ill and sleepy of being told that a many critical thing in their life is commerce and a new this and a new that,” Waters pronounced according to a Toronto Sun. “I consider people are substantially prepared to go now, ‘Well, all of that tongue lead us to throw bombs over a tip of a wall, that divides multitude ecologically, economically, philosophically and politically, from all a associate tellurian beings. And we no longer wish to be told by a domestic leaders that they are trash and that we are great.’ So that we trust that it might be we’re no longer meddlesome in a ‘us and them’ form of domestic truth that we’ve been fed on for a final integrate of 1,000 years and that we might be prepared to pierce into a new place.” All that, and “Comfortably Numb” is awesome.

“I can’t tip that tour,” Waters told Rolling Stone final November. “First of all, we have to accept a fact that I’m not going to live forever… You only have to accept that when we do something as huge as that tour. The hardest thing in a universe is meditative of something to do, so going and doing it is a prerogative in itself.”

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