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Rock Band 4 leaderboards to be reset, following bug fixes

Rock Band 4 leaderboards to be reset, following bug fixes

Back when a initial and second Rock Band games came out, we played them nonstop. we worked tough on a drums to stand a leaderboards, and for a while, hold a arrange that we was flattering unapproachable of. If Harmonix had done today’s proclamation behind then, I’d have been flattering bummed out.

The group behind Rock Band and other music-based titles announced currently that they are regulating some “gnarly bugs” that a diversion shipped with. One such bug was one that authorised drummers to double-dip on overdrive, by attack a overdrive gems during a finish of energetic drum fills. Extra overdrive means additional points. And we consider we know where I’m going from here.

Harmonix has announced a 3 indicate devise to put things right. The initial step is regulating a exploits that exist in a game. The second indicate is a many painful. In sequence to get absolved of all of a high scores that were performed by a use of exploits, they have to clean a leaderboards entirely. After all, they don’t have a complement in place to detect who used exploits, and who didn’t.

The third step is an composition to their code, that will concede them to repair issues with their songs on an particular basis. While carrying a leaderboard wiped isn’t something we all wish to hear about, it’s overtly a usually satisfactory approach to do things. And it’ll be your event to measure some high rankings early on, so we can gloat to your friends. Even if they’re overtaken in a brief time, it’s fun to gloat sometimes.

Source: Harmonix

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