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Rewind: Bumgarner, Giants flog down blue doors in 9-0 victory

Rewind: Bumgarner, Giants flog down blue doors in 9-0 victory

SAN FRANCISCO –- The final time a Dodgers walked out of ATT Park in late July, they hold aloft a shiny, three-game brush in that they outscored a Giants 17-4 in front of 3 confused and nonplussed sellout crowds.

The Giants had mislaid 16 of 21 home games during that point. They gave behind a final taste of a stack-of-shortcakes lead they had piled as high as 10 games. The offense was starving, a bullpen started a douse glow or dual during a misfortune probable times and spirit was during an all-time low. The seats remained full, nonetheless it felt so dull during Third and King.

There was a Dan Uggla sighting.

So what happened Friday night was as overwhelming as a retreat takedown, even if we kinda sorta could see it coming. Madison Bumgarner grabbed a Dodgers by their singlet, Brandon Crawford combination-punched with dual outrageous hits and a Giants thumped their archrivals 9-0 to pierce within one diversion of initial place in a NL West.

The group that mislaid a approach within a possess residence in Jun and Jul has now won 10 uninterrupted games during ATT Park – their longest strain given 2003, when they won 100 regular-season games.

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Did someone discuss confidence?

“I feel it’s as good as it can be,” pronounced Bumgarner, springing his answer as shortly as he listened that word. “I feel it’s been that approach for awhile now. We’ve incited it on during a right time. Things are starting to go out approach and we’ve got a lot of guys who have been here before and finished this, who know what it’s like to finish off Sep and hopefully a postseason.”

Bumgarner hold a Dodgers to 3 hits in 7 shutout innings and followed adult a initial zero-strikeout diversion of his career by racking adult 9 of them. He finished a night during 208, leading Ray Sadecki for a many by a maladroit pitcher in a Giants’ San Francisco era.

The usually beating came when Bumgarner stepped to a image with a bases installed and twice cut a atmosphere with his bat. You can’t strike a grand impact each time, right?

“I don’t know what happened,” pronounced Bumgarner, perplexing to swallow a smirk. “Don’t consider we wasn’t trying.”

The Giants never stopped trying, even as they took all those wins they banked in Apr and May and started to make it sleet in June. It’s humorous how struggling teams mostly seem to try too hard.

Now it looks so effortless.

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So how did this happen?

“You have to indicate to a offense,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. “When we had a struggles, we had some flattering good starts, we don’t know how many peculiarity starts, and a bats only got quiet. We were banged adult and blank guys. But now they’re anticipating ways to get runs on a board, and that’s a biggest reason we’re carrying success.”

The kick who started a four-run initial inning convene was Joe Panik, a rookie who was rushed adult from a minors when a Giants motionless there was zero improved in a deliver yard. He hasn’t stopped attack given Mike Murphy handed him a uniform. He doubled.

Buster Posey, who had an on-base commission underneath .300 during home only a few weeks ago, followed with another double to put a Giants on a board.

Then came Hunter Pence –- it’s always accessible to have a associate lead a NL in hits and arrange second in runs scored – with a chopper adult a center that Dodgers shortstop Hanley Ramirez, and we use a positional tenure loosely, somehow unsuccessful to keep on a infield. Posey scored, Yasiel Puig unwisely threw home, Pence changed adult to second base, and that mistake positioned him to measure on Joaquin Arias’ single. 

The Giants had 3 runs in. They stayed relentless, and nonetheless Crawford’s RBI double down a initial bottom line wasn’t a finishing blow, his two-run homer a few innings after did a job.

“We all know a magnitude. We know a stakes,” pronounced Crawford, who led a assign from a bottom third of a order. “That’s a large reason because we’re winning games. We’ve been unchanging via a lineup and even guys off a dais have finished a good job.”

Here’s a small secret: a Giants are still banged adult and blank guys. Arias is substantially their fourth-string initial baseman with Brandon Belt (concussion) and Michael Morse (oblique) out and Posey behind a plate. But he started opposite Ryu and had dual some-more hits, lifting his normal to .436 over his final 21 games. He was attack .185 before to that.

Travis Ishikawa even came off a dais to strike his initial dash homer, joking it took him 8 years to do it.

Bumgarner did not give behind any apportionment of a lead, as he did in Detroit after a Giants jumped on David Price. He even survived a 12-pitch travel to Justin Turner that installed a bases in a fifth inning, responding by removing Adrian Gonzalez to fly out to finish a fifth.

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He pronounced he didn’t feel sleepy then, or during any point. He is a 25-year-old and he’s roughly 4 years private from winning a World Series game. He understands how to conserve, and when needed, how to surpass on fumes. The bigger a stakes, a richer a mix.

“That right there,” he said. “That’s substantially as tighten as we can get to a playoff atmosphere though indeed being in a playoffs.”

Bumgarner is a Giants’ initial 18-game leader given Tim Lincecum in 2008, and he’s got 3 scheduled cracks to get a dual victories he needs to strech 20.

“There’s a lot of pitchers carrying good years in a NL though he should he adult there in a Cy Young vote,” Crawford said. “I mean, he’s finished that all season.

Said Bochy: “This one, it’s right adult there, looking during a significance of a game. Bum’s thrown a lot of these and he’s a man we wish out there.”

A one-night image would leave small room for argument: The Giants were a higher team. They had a deeper and some-more manly offense. They ran a bases better, strike in a purchase better, postulated rallies better, and a Dodgers’ center infield was so laughably bad that they should’ve been done to run breeze sprints. Ryu was taken out after a initial inning with a bruise shoulder, and a behind finish of a Dodgers revolution competence have gotten squishier as a result. Puig hasn’t homered given Jul 31 and is attack .125 in his final 16 games.

And that’s though delving into any questions about hall chemistry or comparing managers, nonetheless Bruce Bochy did flub a unsuccessful plea in a initial inning.

The Giants are 4 adult on everybody else in a NL furious label standings. There is a reason nobody in their hall is looking during a NL furious label standings.

But Zack Greinke forgives many sins. And Clayton Kershaw is a walking, respirating benediction. So a Dodgers competence have their approach nonetheless this weekend.

But they’ll have to kick a Giants during home. And that’s not as easy as it used to be.


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