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Review: The HTC One A9 — an iPhone for a Android crowd

Review: The HTC One A9 — an iPhone for a Android crowd

The man in a T-Mobile store incited a phone over in his hands a few times. “This is a good phone,” he said. “But isn’t this a HTC One A9? How’d we get this already? It’s not out ’til subsequent week.”

I explained that we was reviewing it for Computerworld, yet my SIM label had lapsed and we indispensable a new one. “This is sweet,” he said, referring to a phone, not a assignment. “I’d have suspicion it was an iPhone, solely we saw it’s got Android. And look,” he continued, incompetent to conflict poking and swiping during a screen. “They even took many of that Sense grow stuff” (well, being in Brooklyn, he didn’t contend ‘stuff’) “off. This is unequivocally nice.”

Mojo is a tough thing to master. HTC once had mojo, maybe four or 5 years ago. Its phones were heavier and bulkier than most, yet a tradeoff was in superb screens and better-than-average sound. Android, and a phones it ran on, was uninformed and unrefined, and everybody was perplexing to put their possess spin on it. HTC had it going on.

Until unexpected it didn’t. Samsung entered a market, as did Motorola with a good Droid line. Better screens became some-more common and a iPhone took over a world. HTC phones were partially fat, delayed and ugly, and a association forsaken serve and serve down a list of series of products sole (for example, it didn’t seem during all in Gartner’s list of worldwide mobile phone sales for a second entertain of 2015).

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