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Review: ‘John Wick’ delivers uninterrupted action

Review: ‘John Wick’ delivers uninterrupted action

LOS ANGELES (AP) — In an intriguing cinematic twist, Keanu Reeves’ Matrix attempt double Chad Stahelski becomes his co-director with David Leitch on “John Wick,” a abdominal punish thriller that outlines a confident, robust movement debut. After a noted deficiency from a genre, Reeves resoundingly earnings with an effortless, kinetic impression that positions a film intensely good for any power follow-ups.

With most of a marketplace dreaming by awards contenders and a anniversary assault of fear offerings, “John Wick” might find an opening to start building some severely postulated movement with both masculine and womanlike Reeves fans during a initial rollout.

Economically recapping a new personal detriment of late Russian host murderer John Wick (Reeves) in nested flashbacks following a black genocide of his mother Helen (Bridget Moynahan), a opening scenes find Wick shuffling around in a haze of grief before latching onto his usually remaining tie to her, a beagle puppy named Daisy that Helen organised as a present before her passing.

As he struggles to recover any clarity of normalcy, a dog and lustful memories of his matrimony give Wick some wish for a future, yet it proves ephemeral when he’s antagonized by testy immature mafiosi Iosef (Alfie Allen), who tries to dominate Wick into offered his classical 1969 black Mustang. When that doesn’t work, Iosef and his organisation mangle into Wick’s New Jersey home to take a car, withdrawal him smashed and bloodied before Iosef kills Daisy in a fit of pique.

Wick fast snaps behind into impersonal torpedo mode even after 5 years on a sidelines once he’s deprived of his usually remaining solace, energetic to hunt Iosef down in retribution. Unearthing his accumulate of weapons and cash, Wick discovers that his aim is indeed a son of his former squad trainer Viggo (Michael Nyqvist). Fully realizing who they’re adult against, Viggo tells Iosef: “It’s not what we did that angers me so, it’s who we did it to,” even yet he’s committed to safeguarding his son’s life by putting a $2 million cost on Wick’s head. First to cruise a event is Wick’s former co-worker Marcus (Willem Dafoe), a moment sniper, as good as Perkins (Adrianne Palicki), a womanlike agreement torpedo who’s as fatal as she is gorgeous.

Derek Kolstad’s superbly gaunt book propels a film’s galvanizing movement with usually a barest account essentials, fast dispensing with a array of extraordinary coincidences necessitated by a initial setup. With frequency some-more than a quarter-hour between boldly staged set pieces, there’s small time to consternation either Wick has anything some-more on his mind than component revenge.

Whatever his middle motivations, Wick isn’t one to clearly clear them, that creates a impression a healthy fit with Reeves’ typically taciturn demeanor. With his malleable dim hair, scraggly brave and buoyant physique, he’s in glorious form via a film, either battling his approach by imaginatively staged quarrel sequences or doing an considerable array of firearms and fatal blades.

Distilling a integrate of decades of attempt work and second-unit directing knowledge into 96 mins of runtime, Stahelski and Leitch expertly broach one movement prominence after another in a near-nonstop disturb ride. With a bent to preference decently framed master shots over discerning cuts from mixed angles, he immerses viewers in energetic onscreen clashes that remember John Woo’s classical bullet ballets with an conceal of romantic intensity.

“John Wick,” a Lionsgate release, is rated R by a Motion Picture Association of America for clever and bloody assault throughout, denunciation and brief drug use. Running time: 96 minutes.


MPAA rating clarification for R: Restricted. Under 17 requires concomitant primogenitor or adult guardian.



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