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Report: Twitter Testing Mute for Annoying Tweeters

Report: Twitter Testing Mute for Annoying Tweeters

Everyone has that one Twitter crony who, for amicable or work reasons, we only can’t move yourself to unfollow, no matter how vitriolic they are on a micro-blogging site.

But shortly we might not have to crawl to those pressures: Twitter appears to be contrast a “mute” function.

Some iOS and Android users have reported seeing a ability to tongue-tied another user, which, as The Verge explained, allows we to retard another user’s tweets and retweets from your timeline, while still appearing as a follower.

Mute has been good perceived on third-party Twitter applications like TweetDeck and Tweetbot, a latter of that allows a muting of other users or whole apps—for a day, a week, or forever.

Is a colleague’s live-tweeting of an eventuality distracting we from your work? Maybe a friend’s messages will certainly spoil a many new Mad Men part before we watch it.

This new Twitter feature, if rolled out universally, would concede we to simply tongue-tied those folks to equivocate annoyances. Just remember to manually unmute them after, or we could skip critical communication, or links to animals that demeanour like actors.

Mute does not, however, retard approach messages or notifications around tagging, The Next Web pointed out.

To see if you’ve been comparison for a exam run, revisit any user’s form on your mobile app, afterwards click a rigging icon; if available, a tongue-tied choice will seem during a tip of a menu. It’s misleading if a micro-blogging site will eventually open entrance to all users. Twitter, like many sites, mostly tests out facilities that never see a light of day.

In a meantime, everybody else can download a third-party use to overpower vitriolic messages.

A Twitter mouthpiece declined to criticism on a rumor, instead indicating PCMag to a Sep 2013 blog post about a company’s experiments.

Editor’s Note: This story was updated during 11:55 a.m. Eastern with criticism from Twitter.

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