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Report: David Price to Cardinals was scarcely reality

Report: David Price to Cardinals was scarcely reality

With David Price signing a seven-year, $217 million understanding with a Boston Red Sox, a low starting pitching giveaway representative marketplace has gotten a small thinner with a tip offseason esteem off a table. 

While a St. Louis Cardinals are frequency in row — or wanting — to pointer a cost giveaway agents, a group was reportedly all-in on receiving Price. 

According to USA TODAY’s Bob Nightengale, St. Louis offering Price what would have been a largest agreement in authorization history, a seven-year deal, like a Red Sox. 

The usually problem? The Cardinals’ understanding was for during slightest $30 million reduction than a $217 million he perceived from Boston. 

Price, who grew adult in Cardinals nation in Murfreesboro, Tenn., was perplexed by a club’s new postseason success, and reportedly wanted to come to St. Louis, however, a Red Sox’s offer was only too good to pass up. 

Price’s understanding is value $2 million some-more than a Los Angeles Dodgers gave Clayton Kershaw in 2014, that was a prior largest agreement given to a pitcher. The agreement is simply a many a pitcher has perceived in a Red Sox organization, violence out Rick Porcello’s $82.5 million prolongation given to him progressing this year. While a Cardinals wanted to severely boost their pitching staff with Price, who was prepared to pointer with a team, Boston’s ante was too abounding to overcome. 

Price went 18-5 with a 2.45 ERA between a Detroit Tigers and Toronto Blue Jays in 2015, he finished second in a AL Cy Young competition behind Houston Astros ace Dallas Keuchel. He won a endowment in 2012 and is a five-time All Star.

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