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Ray Rice cut by Ravens, dangling by NFL indefinitely

Ray Rice cut by Ravens, dangling by NFL indefinitely

OWINGS MILLS, Md. – Ray Rice won’t get another possibility with a Baltimore Ravens after all. There’s no pledge he gets another possibility from a NFL either.

The Ravens announced they’ve consummated Rice’s agreement Monday afternoon, hours after posted video of a embattled using behind punching his then-fiancée during an rumpus during an Atlantic City hotel in February.

A brief time later, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced he has indefinitely dangling Rice formed on a new video evidence, that figured to shock off any group that competence have contemplated signing him anyway.

NFL orator Greg Aiello wouldn’t contend if Rice’s anathema is for a smallest of one year before he can request for reinstatement underneath terms of a extended personal control routine Goodell announced final month in response to open cheer over Rice being dangling usually dual games.

“It’s indefinite,” Aiello wrote in an email to USA TODAY Sports.

For months, a Ravens had resolutely upheld Rice, 27, who was authorised to enter a pretrial involvement module that will boot a third-degree aggravated attack assign opposite him on completion.

But that was before TMZ expelled unfortunate video Monday morning of Rice punching Janay Palmer, who is now his wife. TMZ had creatively posted video of Rice boring Palmer’s comatose physique out of a elevator.

The Ravens did not immediately offer any other sum over a proclamation on a Twitter account. Coach John Harbaugh was scheduled to pronounce with reporters around 8 p.m. Monday.

“I mount behind Ray (Rice) – he’s a heck of a guy,” Harbaugh pronounced Jul 24, before Rice’s strange two-game cessation was announced. “He’s finished all right given (the incident). He creates a mistake. He’s going to have to compensate a consequence.”

Earlier Monday, a NFL pronounced in a matter it did not have entrance to a video of a attack during a investigation.

“We requested from law coercion any and all information about a incident, including a video from inside a elevator,” a matter said. “That video was not done accessible to us and no one in a bureau has seen it until today.”

Goodell’s minute to NFL owners Aug. 28 announced new, standardised penalties for domestic attack and passionate attack by any joining personnel: a six-game cessation for a initial offense and an unfixed cessation of during slightest one year for a second offense.

However, a minute also pronounced there would be “consideration given to mitigating factors, as good as a longer cessation when resources warrant.” Goodell certified he “didn’t get it right” on Rice’s punishment. “Simply put, we have to do better, and we will,” a minute said.

A three-time Pro Bowl collect who helped Baltimore to a Super Bowl pretension in a 2012 season, Rice had 3 years remaining on a five-year agreement he sealed with a Ravens in Jul 2012. His $4 million bottom income for this deteriorate wasn’t guaranteed, though a Ravens will lift $14.25 million in top hits over a subsequent dual seasons.

Initially, Rice and Palmer both were charged with elementary attack after a Feb. 15 incident. The Atlantic County prosecutor’s bureau after forsaken a assign opposite her. In March, Rice was indicted by a extend jury on a some-more critical assign of third-degree assault. The assign carried a intensity judgment of 3 to 5 years in prison. After a indictment, Rice and Palmer married.

In May, Rice entered a module for first-time offenders that would transparent his record of a rapist assign if he met certain conditions, including appearance in counseling.

On Jul 24, Goodell imposed a two-game cessation on Rice during a start of a unchanging season. Rice missed a Ravens’ season-opening detriment to a Cincinnati Bengals and was to skip Thursday night’s diversion in Baltimore opposite a Pittsburgh Steelers before returning to a active roster.

Since a NFL imposed standardised penalties final month, dual NFL players are famous to have been arrested on domestic attack charges.

On Aug. 31, far-reaching receiver Quincy Enunwa, a use patrol actor with a New York Jets, was arrested in Florham Park, N.J., on a assign of elementary attack following an purported domestic attack brawl with his girlfriend, according to a Florham Park Police Department.

Also that day, defensive tackle Ray McDonald of a San Francisco 49ers was arrested on domestic attack charges following an purported occurrence during his 30th birthday party.

Goodell pronounced recently that for a joining to levy fortify a chairman would have to be “not usually charged, though we would wait for a authorised complement to finish a process, quite in any box on a initial (offender). That’s something that’s really critical to us.”

Video (WUSA): See portions of a video

It will be engaging to see if a NFL sticks with a dual day cessation after this video.

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