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Ranked: All of a decade’s Emmy hosts

Ranked: All of a decade’s Emmy hosts

Some Emmy hosting questions are easy.

You wish a gold standard for this century? Ellen DeGeneres, whose post-9/11 army in 2001 will be unequivocally tough to top. As for a nadir, that’s equally clear: The 5 existence hosts from 2008, a organisation mistake we can usually assume a Emmys will never repeat.

With those benchmarks in place, how do a hosts of a final decade rank? In this order, with explanation from a strange reviews.

1) Jane Lynch (2011, Fox)

Lynch kicked off a promote with one of a Emmys’ some-more interesting opening numbers. True, as Lynch sang in a lyrics, it was overly long, though it had adequate humorous high points to transparent a time spent.

From there, she went on to be a joyful horde — some-more efficient, perhaps, than warm, though amiable nonetheless. Every line competence not have been a gem; any clipped bit competence not have been hilarious. But Lynch put any one opposite like a pro she is and afterwards changed on, generally handling to be comical though removing in a approach or wearing out her welcome.

2) Andy Samberg (2015, Fox)

Wearing what seemed to be a permanent nonetheless spontaneous nonsensical grin, Samberg rolled by a uncover with a smallest of attrition and a good understanding of fun — starting with a superb opening series built around a problem confronting anyone — even an Emmys host — who hopes to keep adult with a stream inundate of new TV shows. He did, however, let us know since he was a ideal choice: “‘Cause we finished watched any damn uncover … and I’m white.”

Jokes about Bill Cosby, Kentucky justice clerk Kim Davis and Donald Trump churned with steer gags built around Jane Lynch, Adrien Brody and Girls. They didn’t all land; they never do. But adequate worked to lift Samberg by — and a grin worked when a jokes didn’t.

3) Jimmy Kimmel (2016, ABC)

You always get mean from Jimmy Kimmel. This time, we also got funny.

It was transparent from a start he’d have a smoother, softer dusk than he did in 2012, interjection to an opening taped bit that climaxed with a shockingly humorous cameo by Jeb Bush as a limo driver. That was followed by a monologue that  was brief and, for Kimmel, roughly honeyed — one where a jabs were some-more cooperative than nasty. It was a settlement that hold out by a show, from a unequivocally comical bit with Matt Damon, who came out to ridicule him for losing to John Oliver in a talk-show category, to a some-more forked nonetheless still humorous fun built around regulating Bill Cosby as a presenter. That alone was an glorious instance of since this Kimmel hosting army went so many improved than a final one: He had a improved clarity of where a “too much” line lies, and other than nonetheless another ill-advised in memoriam joke, he avoided channel it.

4) Seth Meyers (2014, NBC)

As Seth Meyers has pronounced himself, he’s not accurately a world’s many versatile performer. He doesn’t sing. He doesn’t dance. He doesn’t do skits. He tells jokes — short, topical, one-liner-type jokes.

And that’s precisely what he gave you. Nothing fancy: Just Meyers, revelation a kind of jokes that kept him on Saturday Night Live and won him his possess late- night speak show.

Surely it came as no warn that many of a jokes were about television; they always are during a Emmys. But distinct jokes from some other Emmy hosts, nothing of Meyers’ were meant or unsuited to a occasion. He competence not have been a many sparkling host, though he was cooperative and efficient. Those are qualities we don’t always see during a Emmys.

5) Jimmy Fallon (2010, NBC)

In a midst of Emmys frenzy stood — or sang — an equally unfortunate Fallon, a horde who lived and too mostly died by his guitar. It was suitable and humorous when he non-stop a uncover with a glee-filled prolongation number; this was, after all, a deteriorate fueled by music, from Glee to a still top-rated American Idol. It was distant reduction humorous when he kept singing all night, doing small strummed pieces with stars in a assembly that roughly constantly fell flat.

The usually genuine upside to a singing? It was improved than a using Twitter bit in that he supposed (or simulated to accept) witless tweets from a observation audience. If that’s unequivocally what happens when viewers attend — please, don’t.

There’s a pliability to Fallon, a boyish zeal to please, that could have worked for him as a horde had a element been improved and had he looked some-more gentle delivering it. Instead, his charity translated into a eagerness to disappear, even when he was on air.

6) Jimmy Kimmel (2012, ABC)

As he valid this year during a Emmys, Jimmy Kimmel can be a unequivocally humorous man.

Unfortunately, 2012 was not a time — and a Emmys were clearly not a place. Even had Kimmel been during his best — and he wasn’t — a alien act that works so good for him on his possess uncover was out of place in a pursuit that creates you, like it or not, a ultimate insider.

Anyone who watches his speak uncover no doubt entered a Emmys with high adequate hopes to lift them by a good though not good opening monologue. But with any peculiar dismissive introduction of a presenter, with any stretched bit, wish sank.
The bar for awards-show hosts is set sincerely low — don’t confuse yourself, don’t provoke us and get out of a approach — and Kimmel did conduct to jump it.

But from a male this talented, we should design some-more than a prosaic social-media antic starring a rumpled Tracy Morgan, or a travesty of in-memoriam salutes that served usually to remind us that he had already finished a equivocal bad-taste fun about The Andy Griffith Show.

7) Neil Patrick Harris (2013, CBS)

Maybe too many of a good thing unequivocally is too much.

Granted, it was substantially genuine to wish that Harris’ army as horde of this promote could tip his Emmy-winning spin as Tonys host. But we did design him to come closer to a mark.

Instead, he was as lifeless and off-kilter as his infrequently downbeat uncover — a gifted male who seemed trapped between his enterprise not to repeat himself and a enterprise to be entertained. If we don’t wish to do an opening low-pitched series since you’re fearful it will pull Tonys comparisons, fine, though don’t make us skip it by substituting a mistake conflict among former hosts that usually reminded us of how ill-served a promote has been over a past few years. And don’t dump in a “Number in a Middle of a Show” that felt like a obtuse chronicle of those numbers we did on, yes, a Tonys.

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