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Rajon Rondo’s vale non-apology is not good enough

Rajon Rondo’s vale non-apology is not good enough

Rajon Rondo is seeking us to believe he had no hatred in his heart and no goal of offending Bill Kennedy when he forsaken a f-bomb on him a week ago in Mexico City. Unfortunately, Rondo mislaid all advantage of a doubt a second he used that word as a offence opposite anyone. If we use that awful word so openly in any context — even in annoy — we can’t be astounded when people don’t buy your claimed intent.

In his non-apology apology on Twitter Monday, Rondo seemed to explain he didn’t know Kennedy, a longtime NBA referee, was gay. This is totally beside a point. Calling a male we know to be happy a f—-t is a special arrange of disgusting insult. But job a male a f—-t period is a disgusting insult. This is since Rondo was punished by a NBA and ripped by a media and fans. It is 2015. This is well-worn territory. It’s been 4 years given a NBA has had to retaliate a actor for regulating that word. For Rondo to urge himself by claiming he usually used a word in annoy is totally absurd. You can’t use that word in annoy or jokingly or anything else. It’s off-limits unless we wish sanctions both central and to your reputation.

Rondo competence have famous Kennedy was gay. Tim Donaghy launched that gossip into a open eye years ago. Donaghy done some intensely serious/seriously awful claims about a birth of a argument between Doc Rivers (then Rondo’s coach) and Kennedy. These claims by Donaghy were never front-page news, and Howard Beck has given debunked a biggest phenomenon of pronounced claims.

Yet it’s tough to trust Rondo never listened a rumors. That story and Kennedy’s preference to come out now after Rondo’s written abuse adds some infamous context to a situation.

Rondo doesn’t know a turn to that he messed up. He couldn’t! He couldn’t presumably grasp a astringency of his actions and still come out with a pitifully diseased matter like this.

Here’s a thing. This matter is pitifully weak, though it’s also intensely specific in what it is perplexing to communicate. By claiming a offence was forsaken out of “frustration and emotion” and by claiming a diatribe doesn’t simulate Rondo’s feelings toward a LGBT community, Rondo is perplexing to vigilance clearly that he didn’t know Kennedy was gay. In other words, he’s saying, “I called him a f—-t since we was mad, not since he’s gay.”

Rondo is perplexing to remonstrate us to give him a advantage of a doubt. But we remove a advantage of a doubt when we use that word. Period.

The problem with Rondo’s matter is that in his promptness to try to advantage a advantage of a doubt from us, he forgot to actually apologize. “I did not meant to provoke or disregard anyone” is not an apology! You know how we can tell? Because it doesn’t embody a difference “I apologize” or “I’m sorry” or “I deeply regret” or anything remotely imitative what apologetic people say.

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Your actions led to a male in a open eye being forced to come out, maybe before he was ready. You did that. Step a ruin adult and acknowledge your purpose in a unpleasant episode. Don’t tell us we didn’t meant it. Tell us you’re contemptible for observant it!

No, Rondo’s left a approach of a coward, pier adult this towering of beating ever higher. He opted out of media accessibility on Monday. He had an event to apologize on camera, to acknowledge his disaster and uncover remorse. Instead, he opted for that pitiable Twitter matter and let his teammates, his manager and his ubiquitous manager answer for him.

So he puts out his small tweets, a team released a statement from Vlade Divac and Vivek Ranadivé — a matter that condemns Rondo’s comments though claims he’s apologized for them, that he unequivocally has not — and they consider that’s it. Nope. This isn’t going divided until Rondo indeed shows remorse. The NBA won’t strike him with another punishment — that’s not a league’s character — though you’d improved trust a joining bureau is pulling a Kings (explicitly or not) to solve this before it spirals out of control.

Monday wasn’t enough. Rondo needs to get out there ASAP and give a full-throated, no-qualifier reparation to Kennedy, to Kennedy’s family and to a NBA community. (And that’s a smallest requirement.)

It seems so easy, doesn’t it? Show distress and apologize when we contend something awful. It’s not rocket science. Hell, it’s not even Connect Four. Yet here we are, watchful on something that common clarity dictates should have been rubbed immediately. The clock’s ticking.

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