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PS4 Neo: reveal, games, specs, rumoured recover date and all we know

PS4 Neo: reveal, games, specs, rumoured recover date and all we know

PS4 Neo specs – how absolute is it compared to a existent PS4?

While Digital Foundry goes into some-more minute specifics in a PS4 Neo specs analysis, in summary, design a CPU overclock over a x86 cores in a strange PS4 system; a bandwidth boost to memory that, while doesn’t scale too good with a 31% CPU increase, provides a 512MB memory boost for games in Neo-mode; and what’s described as a many sparkling aspect, a large GPU boost many approaching formed on arriving Polaris AMD technology.

In short, a PS4 Neo is opposite to a existent PS4 in a following areas:

  • Graphical and opening improvements to upheld games when played on Neo
  • 4K internal outlay of name games, and a ability to upscale to 4K of others
  • 4K video support (specifics, including UHD Blu-rays, have nonetheless to be confirmed)

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PS4 Neo vs PS4 – what will be a same?

  • Same library of games – so no PS4 Neo exclusives – with any square of program a one package that runs on both consoles
  • Identical marginal support, from a DualShock 4 to a PS Camera
  • No PS4 Neo-exclusive facilities or DLC in any games. However, certain modes can be enhanced; one instance is if there is a two-player internal split-screen mode, it could enhance to four-players on Neo
  • Shared and equal PSN ecosystem, so unchanging PS4 users can play and correlate alongside Neo users with no differences online, and clamp versa
  • Save data, Trophy and PSN comment log-in harmony between a dual systems, with a same user interface
  • PlayStation Store will be a same, nonetheless design pages and earthy game-packaging to list PS4 Neo-added features

What we don’t know about a PS4 Neo yet:

  • Whether PS4 Neo will have a UHD Blu-ray expostulate for 4K movies
  • Whether a earthy entrance of a hardware will be different
  • HDR support, something that is entrance to Xbox One S (read what HDR means for games and movies with a dedicated article)
  • Whether credentials media functions will improve; Sony leaks have suggested nonetheless not reliable 1080p gameplay recording support on Neo systems
  • Specific improvements to PlayStation VR games, or either a headset’s outmost estimate section will be integrated into Neo hardware
  • Hard expostulate space boost in Neo models

We don’t know either a PS4 Neo will demeanour a same as a existent console only yet.

How does a PS4 Neo review to Project Scorpio?

PS4K Neo
Xbox One
Project Scorpio

Eight Jaguar cores clocked during 1.6GHz
Eight Jaguar cores clocked during 2.1GHz
Eight Jaguar cores clocked during 1.75GHz
Eight cores, speculation: up-clocked Jaguar or equivalent
18 Radeon GCN discriminate units during 800MHz
36 softened GCN discriminate units during 911MHz
12 GCN discriminate units during 853MHz
Speculation: 56/60 GCN discriminate units during 800-850MHz
8GB GDDR5 during 176GB/s
8GB GDDR5 during 218GB/s
8GB DDR3 during 68GB/s and 32MB ESRAM during max 218GB/s
Over 320GB/s bandwidth – speculation: 12GB of GDDR5

Project Scorpio is to Xbox One as what a PS4 Neo is to a PS4; a mid-generation ascent with important graphical and opening improvements to existent software, and full retrograde harmony with all prior program and peripherals.

How do a dual review in theory? While to date Xbox One has lagged behind PS4 performance, Project Scorpio is set to offer a large jump over both a PS4 and PS4 Neo, with most improved graphical and memory capabilities, and support for internal 4K gaming. (If you’re meddlesome in investing in a 4K TV for Xbox One S and beyond, here is a list of some of a best 4KTV screens for HDR gaming.)

To quote Digital Foundry in their Xbox Project Scorpio spec analysis: “It’s a conspicuous turnabout. A good apportionment of PlayStation 4’s success has been down to a spec advantage over Xbox One, total with a concentration on a hardcore player. Sony’s technological advantage will be left with a subsequent call of hardware.”

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It’s approaching we will have to wait longer for one than a other, though; PS4 Neo is rumoured for finish of 2016 – nonetheless could be as late as Mar 2017 – while Microsoft has pronounced Project Scorpio won’t recover until holiday 2017. Price is also a factor, with Digital Foundry also presaging a $100 disproportion between a dual mid-generation systems.

How does a PS4 Neo review to Xbox One S?

Whereas a Xbox One S is radically a slimline chronicle of a existent Xbox One (with some combined advantages for those regulating 4KTVs – we can review everything we know about Xbox One S in a dedicated guide) a PS4 Neo is a mid-generational ascent over a existent PS4, with important graphical and opening upgrades.

That said, a Xbox One S offers HDR support for name games as good as a UMD Blu-ray drive, facilities that aren’t nonetheless reliable for a PS4K.

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