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Possible gas trickle kills 2 in Milford

Possible gas trickle kills 2 in Milford

Two people were found passed and dual others were hospitalized yesterday in what officials contend was a
potential CO monoxide poisoning inside a Milford home.

Crime stage fasten choked off a drive of a section Prospect Heights duplex yesterday where military pronounced they were called about 1:50 p.m., to make a comfortless discovery. A pointer hung on a doors of both units final night, dogmatic them condemned.

Milford military Sgt. Michael Pasacane pronounced he didn’t have information on a deceased, including age or gender, though remarkable that a occurrence “involved CO monoxide” and that dual others were also sent to a internal hospital.

State military detectives reserved to a Worcester District Attorney’s Office were also investigating.

Luis Cuevas, 24, of Framingham pronounced he used to live with a dual people who were found passed in a home.

He pronounced they were a Brazilian integrate in their 40s whom Cuevas described as “hardworking.”

The lady spotless houses and offices, while a male worked in masonry, Cuevas said, adding he schooled of a couple’s genocide on Facebook by a Brazilian community.

By final night, a area 
sat mostly still as Christmas lights lined several of a doorways of a complex.

“I’ve lived here for 50 years. we don’t remember anything like this happening,” pronounced one lady walking by a darkened duplex who declined to give her name. “I used to see people (at that unit), a male and a woman.”

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