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Portugal’s Guterres, Likely UN Chief, Wants to Build Bridges

Portugal’s Guterres, Likely UN Chief, Wants to Build Bridges

UNITED NATIONS — Portugal’s former primary apportion Antonio Guterres, who is substantially certain to be a subsequent U.N. secretary-general, says he wants to be “an honest broker, a bridge-builder and someone who tries to emanate conditions for consensus.”

The maestro politician and diplomat, who won unanimous subsidy from a U.N. Security Council on Wednesday, pronounced in an talk with The Associated Press and dual other news organizations during his debate that if he got a pursuit his aim would be to work with all countries to assistance solve a innumerable problems on a tellurian agenda.

The Security Council is scheduled to accommodate behind sealed doors Thursday morning for a grave opinion on Guterres’ candidacy. Russia’s U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, a stream legislature president, voiced wish that a legislature will suggest Guterres by “acclamation” to a 193-member General Assembly, that contingency approve a inheritor to Ban Ki-moon, whose second five-year tenure ends Dec. 31.

Guterres surfaced all 6 spontaneous polls in a legislature after receiving high outlines from roughly each diplomat for his opening in a first-ever question-and-answer sessions for possibilities in a General Assembly. He was a usually claimant of a 10 in a competition to accept no “discourage” votes in Wednesday’s poll, that was a initial to use colored ballots to heed a votes of a 5 veto-wielding permanent members — a United States, Russia, China, Britain and France.

The outcome unhappy campaigners for a lady or East European to be a world’s tip diplomat for a initial time.


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Guterres will roughly positively name a lady as emissary secretary-general and he pronounced in a talk that one of a things that is “crucial” during a male-dominated United Nations is “to have gender parity.”

He pronounced that his 10 years as a U.N. high commissioner for refugees, that finished in December, were “excellent preparation” for a secretary-general who needs to be an honest attorney and be seen by countries as eccentric in sequence to foster accord and overcome crises.

“I consider we are vital in a universe where we see a computation of new conflicts, and we see an huge problem in elucidate a conflicts,” Guterres said. “There is a transparent miss of ability in a general village to forestall and to solve conflicts.”

What’s needed, he said, is a new “diplomacy for peace” that requires watchful tactful contacts and shuttling among pivotal players in conflicts and disputes. The secretary-general should also rivet as many as probable and “act with piety to try to emanate a conditions for member states that are a essential actors in any routine to be means to come together and overcome their differences,” he said.

Guterres pronounced a elementary answer to since he wants to be secretary-general can be found in “The Parable of The Talents” from a New Testament, that has been a executive thing in his life.

“I consider that one in life receives a lot of gifts, and one has a shortcoming to compensate back, no? And to greaten a gifts that were received,” he said.

Guterres perceived a unequivocally good preparation and pronounced he dreamed of being a researcher in physics, and became an partner production professor. But he also got concerned with a organisation of students and volunteered in a slums of Lisbon and saw extensive amicable problems in a final years of Antonio Salazar’s four-decade persecution in Portugal, that finished in 1974.

“That done me rethink my life,” Guterres said. “Now, again, since of ‘The Parable of The Talents,’ where can we compensate behind better?”

He left physics, that he pronounced “still stays a many critical egghead passion of my life,” and became totally concerned in a revolution, where he was in assign of organizing a center-left Socialist Party. He became celebration personality and in 1995, during age 45, when a celebration won choosing he became primary minister, a post he hold for 10 years.


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Guterres pronounced he motionless to leave domestic life since “if we unequivocally wish to do things there is a impulse in that we learn that it’s substantially improved to let others do it.” He was still boss of a Socialist International though he pronounced he unequivocally wanted to do charitable work during a tellurian level, so he practical to be a U.N. interloper arch and got a job.

The 10 years as high commissioner were “the many conspicuous knowledge we can imagine,” he said. “It’s a many fascinating work we can have, unequivocally perfectionist … and we gained a lot of knowledge in traffic with all crises and all governments” concerned in crises everywhere.

After his tenure ended, Guterres said, he felt an requirement to do something “having had this thespian knowledge of traffic with people that are pang enormously” as refugees and carrying no resolution to their plight.

He pronounced a place where he could substantially minister a many to solve that problem and other tellurian crises was during a United Nations so he motionless to request to be secretary-general.

“If we get it …” Guterres said, “I will do my best to be useful and to compensate behind a talents that we received.”

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