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Pompey’s story travels opposite a H2O to France

Pompey’s story travels opposite a H2O to France

Pompey's story travels opposite a H2O to France

FRENCH football clubs could be following in Pompey’s footsteps by apropos community-owned.

It comes as Colin Farmery, partial of a Pompey Supporters Trust, spoke in a French council as partial of an eventuality to foster a impasse of French supporters in their possess clubs.

It took place during a Palais de Luxembourg on Thursday, home of a French Sénat, that is a homogeneous of a House of Lords.

The discussion was organised to launch a Conseil Nationale des Supporters de Football, in that groups of French fans are aiming to emanate a inhabitant physique to paint their interests.

Colin said: ‘It was a extensive honour to be invited by Supporters Direct Europe and a FC Nantes homogeneous of a supporters’ trust – called à la Nantaise – to explain how a Pompey Supporters’ Trust put together their village bid and how believer tenure is operative during a club.

‘There were a array of speakers, including me, as good as a array of turn list discussions about a destiny purpose of fans in French football.’

Pompey was taken over by a supporters in Apr final year after shopping a bar out of administration from former authority Balram Chainrai’s association Portpin.

Now, clubs in France are penetrating to learn some-more about how village clubs and believer ownerships work, and what a advantages are.

Colin added: ‘It is satisfactory to contend a French are significantly behind a likes of Germany and England in terms of fan rendezvous and we was gay to give a plan support.

‘I am a penetrating supporter of French football myself though it is satisfactory to contend a people there were well-acquainted with what went on during Portsmouth in a new past, as good as a success of a village bid.’

Joining Colin during a eventuality were member from a French Football Federation and UEFA, as good as member from a array of French bar supporters’ groups.

Colin also went to a seminar to support a initial stages of building a CNSF’s constitution.

He added: ‘I will be gripping in hold with a plan as it develops.

‘I trust my possess French club, FC Martigues, could distinction from carrying some-more impasse with a supporters.’

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