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Police ID male who left bar with blank U.Va. student

Police ID male who left bar with blank U.Va. student

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Police who searched a automobile and a condo Friday in tie with a disappearance of a University of Virginia tyro roughly a week ago contend they have identified a male who was with Hannah Graham when she was final seen.

Witnesses saw Graham, 18, of Alexandria, Va., inside a downtown grill and bar early Saturday with a 32-year-old male who had been celebrated progressing on notice video tailing a sophomore, Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo said.

Before a dual entered a bar, witnesses saw a man, dressed in all white, put his hands around Graham’s waist. At a bar, a male bought alcohol, and he and Graham left after 15 minutes, Longo said.

“People saw Hannah, and people saw him, and people saw them together,” Longo said.

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Shortly after that, a man’s 1998 burnt orange Chrysler coupe left a city’s Downtown Mall area, a seven-block walking frame lined with shops and restaurants. Longo pronounced he believes that Graham was in that car.

“There was no illusive means to catch him, no legally sufficient reason to catch him,” a military arch said. “He’s not in custody, though we know who he is.”

Longo would not recover a man’s name nor call him a suspect. He would not contend possibly a male has a rapist record though did contend he has had “contact” with police.

Officers, who were postulated a hunt aver overnight for a car, spent several hours examining a automobile Friday.

“Originally, they were here for a automobile to hunt and seize. While they were here, they found adequate illusive means to afterwards hunt a home,” Carter Johnson, open information officer for a Albemarle County Police Department, told The Cavalier Daily, a eccentric tyro journal during a University of Virginia.

When authorities searched a home, a male that witnesses had mentioned — about 6-foot-2, 270 pounds with a black mettle and prolonged dreadlocks — was one of 3 people there, Longo said. Authorities spoke with him briefly, though during an afternoon press conference, they would not exhibit what he said.

“I spoke with him early this morning, and we wish to pronounce to him again,” Charlottesville Detective Sgt. Jim Mooney said. “And we wish to pronounce to anybody who has oral to him given Saturday morning.”

Police also are meddlesome in entertainment some-more intensity justification from private notice cameras, not only in downtown Charlottesville though between downtown and a man’s condominium formidable about 3 miles northwest of a core city and even elsewhere in a area. They’ve already perceived some-more than 400 tips in a case.

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Longo pronounced he met with Graham’s relatives only before Friday’s news conference.

“They wish to know what happened to their small girl,” he said. “They’re hurt. They’re concerned. They’re frustrated. But not for one second have we discerned that they’ve mislaid hope.”

On Thursday, military pronounced they were looking for a opposite male that they described as a chairman of seductiveness in a box who was seen walking with Graham on a Downtown Mall around 1:15 a.m. ET Saturday. He is in his late 20s or early 30s, black, 5-foot-10 or 5-foot-11, 250 to 285 pounds with a close-shaved head, goatee and slight belly.

At a time, he was wearing black jeans and a white T-shirt. He and Graham had started articulate in a mins before she disappeared, according to businesses’ notice video, and it seemed that they possibly knew any other or a male was perplexing to assistance her, military said.

Graham’s friends final listened from her around content summary during 1:20 a.m. Saturday after she told them that she was going to a celebration though was lost. She had met friends for cooking during a grill Friday night, forsaken by parties during dual off-campus locations and left a second one alone, Longo pronounced earlier. Graham had been celebration and might have had marred judgment.

Graham is 5-foot-11 with blue eyes, light brownish-red hair and freckles. She was dressed in black slacks and a bullion and black stand tip when she disappeared.

On Saturday, a Virginia Department of Emergency Management is organizing volunteers for a mass hunt in hopes of anticipating leads in Graham’s disappearance. More than 1,500 volunteers purebred in allege and are theme to credentials checks.

A $50,000 prerogative now is being offering in a case. The prerogative includes $10,000 from a City of Charlottesville, $10,000 from a University of Virginia, and contributions from people and internal businesses.

Contributing: The Associated Press

Before Hannah Graham disappeared

What military know about a hours before Hannah Graham disappeared from Charlottesville, Va., nearby a University of Virginia campus, come mostly from businesses’ notice cameras. A map locates a places in this timeline.

Sept. 12

2. 9:30 p.m. ET. Graham is prisoner on Camden Plaza Apartments notice video in a corridor a few blocks divided from a GrandMarc apartments (1) where she lives.

2. 11:50 p.m. Graham’s friends accommodate her during Camden Plaza Apartments on 14th Street Northwest. It is a final time they see her.

Sept. 13

3. 12:46 a.m. Graham is prisoner on notice video during McGrady’s Pub on Grady Avenue. Police contend she was carrying a review with a male and seemed drunk.

4. 1 a.m. Graham is prisoner on notice video during a Shell gas hire on Preston Avenue opposite tyrannise marks from her unit and a UVa. campus. She’s seen using afterwards walking.

5. 1:06 a.m. Graham is prisoner on notice video during Sal’s Pizza on East Main Street. A white male walks into a camera’s view, looks over his shoulder afterwards stairs into a doorway. Graham walks past him and afterwards he starts walking behind her. He after came to military and told them he was following Graham since she seemed unsettled and he wanted to make certain she was safe.

6. 1:08 a.m. Graham is prisoner on notice video during Tuel’s Jewelers on East Main Street. The video shows a male walking some stretch behind her.

7. After 1:08 a.m. Graham and a male with dreadlocks enter Tempo Restaurant Bar on Fifth Street Southeast. He buys alcohol, they stay 15 mins and leave together.

1:20 a.m. Graham texts friends, “I’m entrance to a party…but I’m lost.” It was a final time she had hit with anyone. If her phone pinpointed her location, military have not expelled a information, and military did not explain possibly a content was sent before or after withdrawal a bar.

On Sept. 19, military accept a aver to hunt a automobile and condo (8) about 3 miles northwest from where Graham was final seen.

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