Right now, Sony’s game-streaming use PlayStation Now is accessible usually for Sony inclination such as PlayStation consoles and Bravia TVs. But that’s going to change in 2015, when Sony creates PlayStation Now accessible on third-party devices, commencement with Samsung Smart TVs.

Sony and Samsung have announced a partnership to move PlayStation Now to “select” Samsung Smart TVs in a initial half of 2015 in a United States and Canada. PS Now will be accessible as an app that can be downloaded by a Samsung Smart Hub.

Samsung says PS Now on Samsung TVs will offer “all functionality of a service,” including a ability to acquire trophies, play games online, and save swell to a cloud. You’ll need a DualShock 4 controller, sole separately, to use PS Now on your Samsung TV.

“Since we initial introduced PlayStation Now during CES 2014, a prophesy has been to open a universe of PlayStation to a masses by charity a use on a inclination they use each day,” Sony executive Masayasu Ito said. “Partnering with Samsung is a pivotal step toward realizing this vision, as we can strech a broader assembly of consumers who might not possess a PlayStation console to uncover them because gaming with PlayStation is such a singular and extraordinary experience.”

If you’re streamer to a Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas subsequent month, we can revisit a Samsung counter to try out PS Now on Samsung TVs.

PS Now, now in beta, allows users to tide a accumulation of PlayStation 3 titles to inclination such as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and Bravia TVs. Games are accessible for a accumulation of let periods, while Sony also skeleton to offer a Netflix-style subscription offer some day.

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