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Playboy Mansion bought for $100M, though celebration goes on for Hef

Playboy Mansion bought for $100M, though celebration goes on for Hef

The long-teased sale of a Playboy Mansion has reached a climax.

Hugh Hefner’s celebration pad has strictly been sole for $100 million, with his rich subsequent doorway neighbor shutting on a skill Tuesday after months of wrangling to save a deal.

The shutting comes only 11 days after a TMZ news that a sale fell by over a a 90-year-old Lothario’s insistence on exclusive customer Daren Metropoulos from accessing too most of a building.

Hefner will get to live out a rest of his days doing whatever he does to whomever he does it to in a 29-room mansion. Playboy will compensate $1 million annually for expenses, including rent, for as prolonged as he stays there.

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But after that, it seems a celebration is over.

The chateau reportedly sole for $100 million.


Metropoulos, a 33-year-old co-owner of Hostess Brands (the food company), skeleton to eventually join a iconic skill with a decidedly reduction famous palace he bought subsequent doorway in 2009 for a insignificant sum of $18 million.

“I feel advantageous and absolved to now possess a one-of-a-kind square of story and art,” a scion of investment organisation billionaire C. Dean Metropoulos in a statement.

The home was purchased by Daren Metropoulos, of Metropoulos amp; Co., new owners of Playboy Mansion, who owns a sister chateau subsequent door.


Metropoulos has owned this chateau subsequent doorway given 2009 and is formulation to bond a dual estates into one 7.3 hactare compound.


“I demeanour brazen to eventually rejoining a dual estates and enjoying this pleasing skill as my private chateau for years to come.”

Playboy palace neighbor is relocating brazen with purchase

That was apparently a strange prophesy of designer Arthur R. Kelly and a properties’ owner, dialect store successor Arthur Letts, Jr. when a palace was built in 1927.

So all those spare dippers will now have to find a new swimming grotto.

The home was creatively listed for $200 million by a Agency and Hilton Hyland in January. Coldwell Banker Previews International represented Mr. Metropoulos in a sale. 

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