For a some-more than 800,000 people who take their lives any year around a world, insecticide poisoning is a many frequently used method, according to a new report from a World Health Organization.

“Restricting entrance to a means of self-murder is effective in preventing self-murder – quite guileless self-murder – as it gives those considering self-murder some-more time to reconsider,” a news said.

Methods of self-murder change significantly from segment to region, and insecticide poisoning is many common in farming regions where a chemicals are straightforwardly available. In a United States, easy entrance to guns helps make firearms a many common method.

The news argues that self-murder is preventable and calls on communities to quarrel a tarnish that surrounds mental health issues and to take movement on a issue.

“Every self-murder is a tragedy,” pronounced WHO Director-General Margaret Chan in a report. “The impact on families, friends and communities is harmful and far-reaching, even prolonged after persons dear to them have taken their possess lives.”