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PBS’s Sacred Journeys travels on pilgrimages to Lourdes, a Ganges …

PBS’s Sacred Journeys travels on pilgrimages to Lourdes, a Ganges …

Jerusalem: Tensions And Rituals In A Divided City

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An opening to a Western Wall is noticed in a Old City in Jerusalem on Nov 26, 2014 in Jerusalem, Israel. Nine Israelis have been killed in a array of stabbings, shootings and hit-and-run attacks in Jerusalem over a past month, unsettling a ancient city of Jerusalem where Jews, Christians and Muslims have lived side by side for thousands of years. The tragedy and assault on a streets of a city is melancholy to serve besiege communities and to inspire nonconformist politicians to feat a situation.

For many, a holidays are a time for thoughtfulness and faith and what improved approach to benefit viewpoint than a unconditional documentary array from PBS, “Sacred Journeys.”  Respected academician and author on spirituality Bruce Feiler went on 6 pilgrimages over a march of a year. He takes viewers on his travels alongside U.S. pilgrims on their hunt for definition in Jerusalem, Mecca, Kumbh Mela, Shikoku, Lourdes (France) and Osun-Osogbo (Nigeria).

Last week’s part focused on U.S. Wounded Warriors looking for recovering in Lourdes. He also met adult with Buddhists movement several hundred miles to 88 temples in Japan. In tonight’s back-to-back episodes, we accommodate Jews during a Western Wall who move complicated record to ancient request ceremonies, afterwards Muslims in Mecca assisting videotape a intense, hard-to-traverse once annual thoroughfare famous as a Hajj.

What does it meant that pilgrimages are on a rise? Why are they so popular? If you’re eremite or spiritual, have we taken a pilgrimage? How did it change your faith?


Bruce Feiler, Host of “Sacred Journeys” on PBS; columnist for a New York Times and a author of 5 uninterrupted New York Times bestsellers, including “Walking a Bible,” “Abraham.”

Watch episodes online here (link).

Airing tonight during 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. on PBS SoCal, “Sacred Journeys” will transport to Jerusalem and afterwards to Mecca. The final installments atmosphere subsequent Tuesday.

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