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Obama travels to Europe in June

Obama travels to Europe in June

President Obama earnings to Europe in early Jun to accommodate with allies in Poland, Belgium, and France.

Obama will applaud Polish independence, accommodate with a leaders of a Group of Seven nations, and commemorate a 70th anniversary of a D-Day landings in Normandy, France, during a trip.

In Warsaw, Obama will respect a Polish Day of Freedom, imprinting a 25th anniversary of that nation’s rejecting of comrade rule.

On Jun 4-5, Obama will be in Brussels for a G-7 limit with a leaders of a Great Britain, France, Italy, Canada, Japan, and Germany. The leaders orderly this assembly after canceling a G-8 limit scheduled for Russia since of a intrusion into Ukraine.

“The (G-7) leaders will plead their extended common economic, confidence and growth agenda, and follow adult on their Mar 24th contention in The Hague on a conditions in Ukraine,” pronounced White House orator Jay Carney.

The boss will also attend a Jun 6 decoration of D-Day on a beaches of France.

“The President severely appreciates a sacrifices done by a veterans and their families, and he looks brazen to honoring them, along with a contributions of all a allies,” Carney said.

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