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NSA leaker Edward Snowden calls himself a ‘patriot’

NSA leaker Edward Snowden calls himself a ‘patriot’

SALESOUT NARCH EUO 3TPREUTERS Edward Snowden says he might not be means to transport though during slightest he can nap during night.

Serial confidence leaker Edward Snowden is a giveaway American who can’t come home — though he sleeps with a transparent conscience.

“I might have mislaid my ability to travel,” Snowden pronounced in a Moscow speak with NBC anchor Brian Williams that aired Wednesday in New York.

“But I’ve gained a ability to go to nap during night and to put my conduct on a sham and feel gentle that I’ve finished a right thing, even when it was a tough thing,” a 30-year-old former inhabitant confidence researcher said.

Yet in a subsequent breath, a self-declared “patriot” confessed to blank his family and his country.

“I don’t consider there’s ever been any doubt that I’d like to go home . . . If we could go anywhere in a world, that place would be home,” he pronounced wistfully.

The North Carolinian, who sparked a tellurian anger over U.S. notice techniques after leaking a large trove of National Security Agency documents, told Williams he’s being punished for his patriotism.

“Being a loyalist means meaningful when to strengthen your country, meaningful when to strengthen your Constitution . . . Adversaries don’t have to be unfamiliar countries. They . . . can be bad policies. They can be officials who, we know, need a small bit some-more accountability,” he said.

SALESOUT NARCH EUO 3TPHANDOUT/REUTERS ‘NBC Nightly News’ anchor Brian Williams (left) chats with refugee NSA leaker Edward Snowden in Moscow

Snowden claimed to have been a CIA view during one time and an clandestine user abroad for a NSA — assertions that National Security Adviser Susan Rice denied in an speak with CNN.

Snowden also reassured Williams he’s not a guaranty to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who postulated him haven for a year.

Snowden insisted he’d broken many of his stolen element before entering Russia and pronounced he couldn’t even entrance it online.

He pronounced a NSA wouldn’t know how many papers he’d taken, anyway.

“Their auditing was so poor, so negligent, that any private contractor, not even an worker of a government, could travel into a NSA building, take whatever they wanted, and travel out with it and they would never know,” he said.

Snowden done transparent that an offer of indulgence or freedom from a U.S. would be tenderly received.

“If Mr. Snowden wants to come behind . . . we’ll have him on a moody today,” Secretary of State Kerry told a “Today” uncover of a male he labeled a “fugitive.”

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