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No Steel Curtain, though Steelers invulnerability shows signs of progress

No Steel Curtain, though Steelers invulnerability shows signs of progress

PITTSBURGH – Steelers manager Mike Tomlin navigated by a sea of reporters, quickly interrupted a question, and delivered a fist bump.

This is a Tomlin tradition. After victories, he seeks standout contributors in a locker room, and offers congratulations. Defensive finish Cameron Heyward – seated shirtless on a stool, though still wearing grass-stained pants – gladly accepted.

The Steelers had usually mauled a Kansas City Chiefs 43-14 on Sunday night.

Pittsburgh available a season-high 4 sacks, forced dual turnovers (and another on downs) and clamped down on Kansas City’s West Coast flitting offense, by tying Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith to 287 yards on 50 sum pass attempts.

But it was a dual early turnovers that came in Kansas City’s initial 3 descent drives that helped put a Chiefs in an early hole.

“It’s movement for a defense, though it’s also movement for a offense,” Heyward told USA TODAY Sports of a turnovers. “I usually suspicion we tranquil a game. And when we’re that fluid, it creates us a tough group to beat.”

Both teams traded punts to start a game.

But on a initial play of Kansas City’s second drive, defensive finish Stephon Tuitt punched a rain-soaked round out of using behind Spencer Ware’s hands. Three plays later, a Steelers scored their initial touchdown.

On a indirect Chiefs series, it took usually 4 plays before linebacker Jarvis Jones intercepted a sloping pass and ran it behind to a 4-yard line.

One play later: Steelers TD, again. Just like that, Pittsburgh hold a 15-0 lead.

Said Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith: “That diversion got out of palm early.”

“I don’t know that we reinvented a circle tonight schematically,” Steelers manager Mike Tomlin told reporters after a game. “The confirmation and a congratulations should go to a guys. we suspicion they done it come alive.”

Pittsburgh’s invulnerability is still a work in progress.

The Steelers now arrange 27th in a NFL in yards authorised per diversion (394.8), though are tied for 11th in scoring invulnerability (20 points per game).

The enlivening pointer for Pittsburgh, however, is that this came on a heels of a unsatisfactory tour final week in that a Eagles posted 34 points in a blowout detriment for a Steelers.

Pittsburgh now sits in a first-place tie with a Baltimore Ravens in a AFC North.

The lapse of former All-Pro using behind Le’Veon Bell from a three-game suspension, as good as a continued prolongation of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger gives Pittsburgh’s offense a weapons to contest with even a best defenses in a NFL.

As for a possess defense, this was a pointer of progress, to be sure. But it’s usually Week 4, and this was usually one bounce-back game.

“Now we’ve usually got to demeanour during a sum and see what we can continue to get improved at,” Heyward said. “You don’t win Super Bowls now. It’s usually one game. So we can’t go out of impression and consider that it’s all over from here. We’ve got to continue to work.”

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