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No clowning: Kony Ealy says he’s a best defensive end

No clowning: Kony Ealy says he’s a best defensive end

The cycle of hype and discuss surrounding South Carolina defensive finish Jadeveon Clowney — surefire all-pro one day, guaranteed bust a subsequent — hasn’t left neglected to former Southeastern Conference opposition Kony Ealy.

Clowney competence turn a No.1 collect in subsequent month’s NFL draft. But Ealy, a Missouri standout and a probable first-round collect himself, sum it’s usually a matter of time before he and others remind everybody Clowney isn’t a usually pass rusher available.

“I feel like I’m a best man in this draft, period,” Ealy told USA TODAY Sports on Tuesday. “And that’s not a cocky thing — that’s usually a certainty thing. It’s not usually talk. It’s been proven. My numbers uncover for it. My distance and speed and lively uncover for it. What else can we want?”

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If prolongation were all that mattered, not much. Playing in a same multiplication of a SEC final year, Ealy had 9½ sacks and Clowney, who had damaged out with 13 sacks in 2012, had 3 amid injuries and questions about his motivation.

On a flip side, one of Ealy’s teammates, Michael Sam, had 11½ sacks on a approach to earning SEC defensive actor of a year honors in 2013 — and he’s projected as a late-round pick. NFL teams demeanour during traits, not numbers, and as considerable as Ealy is athletically, Clowney’s on his possess planet.

“I feel like it’s not unequivocally a foe conflicting usually Jadeveon Clowney; it’s a foe conflicting ourselves,” Oregon State defensive finish Scott Crichton told USA TODAY Sports. “I’m perplexing to be a best in a whole league. That’s my motivation.”

Crichton played 3 years with a Beavers and had 22½ sacks. He also sum to be off a house before a second day ends, along with Clowney, Ealy, Notre Dame’s Stephon Tuitt, Auburn’s Dee Ford,

But usually one is removing round-the-clock pre-draft coverage this year. Ealy says he’s excellent with a courtesy being on Clowney, whom he pronounced he is “real cool” with and believes will do good as a pro.

“I usually wish he keeps his conduct straight,” Ealy said. “There’s no knocking him. But I’m a best defensive finish in this draft. we might not have a whole lot of hype, though we don’t (need) anybody to acknowledge me.”

Ealy maximized opportunities to uncover NFL teams their options, even after Clowney stopped conducting private workouts. Ealy pronounced Tuesday he has worked out for 7 teams and usually finished his fifth and final visit.

Crichton recently wrapped adult a five-day outing to Pittsburgh, Dallas, Denver and San Diego. He also worked out for a Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots and will revisit a Seattle Seahawks today.

“I usually can’t wait to be on a margin again and uncover them what I’ve got,” Crichton said. “All these other defensive ends are unusual players, don’t get me wrong. But we cruise I’m a many finish out of all of them.”

In a end, Clowney is roughly certain to be a initial pass rusher off a board, if not a initial actor overall. The Houston Texans’ preference on how to use their No.1 altogether collect might have reduction to do with how he fits into their invulnerability — expected as a pass rush-focused outward linebacker — than their comfort turn with a sum package.

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