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No Boundaries: Radio shows turn dances, a opening travels, and a …

No Boundaries: Radio shows turn dances, a opening travels, and a …


An interactive melodramatic knowledge that explores a impact of choice and possibility in tellurian lives, a restaging of Ira Glass radio interviews as dance pieces, and a multilingual strain cycle will be featured in a Yale Repertory Theatre’s 2014-2015 No Boundaries series.

The No Boundaries array explores a frontiers of melodramatic invention by cutting-edge and thought-provoking opening from around a world. The initial prolongation in a array will be “Now Now Oh Now,” combined by Rude Mechs. “Now Now Oh Now” takes a locked-room puzzle, a harangue on evolutionary biology, and a world’s “weirdest night” of Dungeons Dragons and weaves them all together to paint a design of how choice and possibility impact a lives and figure a universe around us.

The opening will take place Dec. 4-10, 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. during a University Theatre, 222 York St. There is a extent of 30 participants per performance, as assembly members will pierce by several locations inside a building.

Since 1995, Mechs has combined a line-up of melodramatic productions that mix “big ideas, inexpensive laughs, and dizzying spectacle.” All of a company’s works share in common a use of play to make performance, a use of theaters as assembly places for audiences and artists, and a use of amusement as a apparatus of egghead investigation. Mechs tours these performances nationally and abroad. Mechs also manages The Off-Center, a opening venue in Austin, Texas, and runs Grrl Action, an humanities mentoring module for teenage girls.  The garb is now operative on a elect for a Yale Rep, upheld by Yale’s Binger Center for New Theatre. The group’s prolongation “The Method Gun” was presented as partial of a No Boundaries array in 2011.

The second offering, “Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host: Ira Glass, Monica Bill Barnes, Anna Bass,” facilities strange “This American Life” radio interviews restaged as dance pieces as good as personal stories from any of a 3 performers. There will be dual performances only, during 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 20.

Glass is a horde and creator of a open radio module “This American Life.” The uncover is listened on some-more than 500 open radio stations in a United States and also on open radio in Canada and Australia. Under Glass’ editorial direction, “This American Life” has won a top honors for broadcasting and journalistic excellence.

Barnes is a artistic executive of Monica Bill Barnes Company Productions, (MBBCO) a New York City-based dance association founded in 1997. She creates full-length shows that are achieved on some of a country’s biggest stages though also in places where they don’t go — creation site-specific dances in open places, ascent collaborations with radio hosts, and behaving in comedy shows. Barnes began operative with Glass in 2012 when she combined a solo for David Rakoff and achieved with MBBCO as a partial of “This American Life Live!” She was a choreographer for Yale Rep’s “These Paper Bullets!” final season.

Bass began operative with MBBCO in 2003 and now serves as associate artistic director. She has achieved Barnes’ works all over a country, as good as in Glass’ dual many new “This American Life Live!” events — throwing boxes while dancing as partial of TAL’s cinema eventuality and appearing as a roller-skating rodent alongside Mike Birbiglia in “The Radio Drama Episode” during a BAM show house. She was a partner choreographer for “These Paper Bullets!” during Yale Rep.

The final prolongation in a series, “Songs of Lear,” will be achieved Feb. 26-28 during 8 p.m. by Song of a Goat Theatre, an award-wining Polish museum company. “Songs of Lear” strips one of Shakespeare’s many eminent tragedies to a essence. It debuted during a 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Established in 1996, Song of a Goat Theatre is deliberate one of Europe’s many innovative training-based ensembles. A particular component of a company’s use and training is a need and hunt for tie and honesty as a base of authentic experience. The company’s performances confederate movement, voice, song, and text.

Tickets for “No Boundaries” performances will be accessible to Yale Rep subscribers Nov. 3-8 and to a ubiquitous open commencement during 10 a.m. on Nov. 10. Those who purchased particular tickets to a Yale Rep’s stream prolongation of “Arcadia” might request a cost of one sheet towards a squeeze of a five-play or three-play subscription for a Yale Rep’s whole season; all who squeeze a five- or three-play subscription will be authorised for a No Boundaries pre-sale (Nov. 3-8) opportunity.  Tickets for all No Boundaries events are $50-$95; $25 for tyro tickets. For tickets, call 203-432-1234, revisit a Yale Rep box bureau during 1120 Chapel St., or revisit a website.

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