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Nickell Robey blasts “terrible” pass division call in Bills loss

Nickell Robey blasts “terrible” pass division call in Bills loss

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Penalties have been an emanate for a Bills all deteriorate and they continued to be an emanate during Sunday’s 37-34 detriment to a Jaguars.

The Bills were flagged 10 times over a march of a afternoon, including a pass division call on Nickell Robey on a third down with only over 3 mins left to play that gave Jacksonville a initial down. Blake Bortles would strike Allen Hurns for a touchdown dual plays after and a Bills mislaid when they incited a round over on downs during their final possession of a game.

After a game, Robey pronounced that a detriment “came down to that final call” and lamented what he called a “worst call” he’s ever seen in his life. In a joining with as many blown calls as a NFL, it’s tough to call something a worst but Robey positively seemed to make a purify play on a pass dictated for Bryan Walters in genuine time and on replays.

“It was only a terrible call,” Robey said, around a Buffalo News. “I’m still here watchful for an answer: What did we do? I unequivocally feel like it was a terrible call. My teammates feel a same. They can attest for me and so can my coaches. One thing we know here right now, we’re still together here perplexing to put a nonplus together and come divided with all these wins though infrequently we feel like calls are questionable. And a call currently was terrible. we don’t see where a hit was made, where any of that was made.”

Robey continued to blast a officials for not explaining a call on a margin and that there’s no burden for bad calls other than an reparation during a week that doesn’t do most to assistance a group that mislaid a diversion on Sunday.

We can’t utterly determine with Robey’s take that a Bills mislaid only since of that call, generally when they had a round after Jacksonville scored and 3 unsuccessful cracks during gaining a yard that would have continued a drive. We will determine that a league’s rejection or inability to residence officiating inconsistencies is an increasingly infuriating partial of NFL Sundays.

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