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NFL Playoff Picture 2016: Every tiebreaker unfolding entering Week 17

NFL Playoff Picture 2016: Every tiebreaker unfolding entering Week 17

Well, we’ve usually about wrapped adult another year of NFL tiebreaker scenarios. This is my 24th year assisting a NFL establish playoff clinching and rejecting scenarios and it positively has not disappointed. Starting with a cluster of teams in a center of a container that led to some-more teams staying alive longer than common to now carrying all 6 NFC playoff teams dynamic on week 16 … yeah, flattering crazy. In fact, there are usually 14 teams still in Super Bowl contention, that is a lowest series with one week to play given 2005 (also 14 teams that year).

NFC notes

  • The No. 1 and No. 2 seeds have been determined, we usually don’t know a sequence yet. It will be a Panthers unless a Cardinals win and Panthers lose, in that box Arizona will take a tip seed and explain home-field advantage via a playoffs.
  • The Packers and Vikings will strife on a final diversion of a deteriorate to establish a NFC North multiplication champion and a No. 3 seed. In box of a tie game, a Packers will be a No. 3 seed.
  • The Redskins are sealed in as a No. 4 seed and will horde a No. 5 seed (either a Seahawks, Packers or Vikings) on Wild Card Weekend.
  • If a Packers lose, they will be a No. 5 seed and transport to Washington.
  • If a Vikings lose, they will possibly be a No. 5 seed if a Seahawks remove or tie or will be a No. 6 seed if a Seahawks win and make a lapse outing to Lambeau Field to face a Packers one week later.
  • If a Vikings win, they will really horde a Seahawks on Wild Card Weekend. Even nonetheless that might be worse matchup than others, we consider Minnesota wants a multiplication pretension and a home game.
  • The Seahawks will be a No. 6 seed and play during a Minnesota/Green Bay leader on Wild Card Weekend unless Seattle and Green Bay both win, in that box a Seahawks will conduct to Landover and face a Redskins as a No. 5 seed.

The Vikings can bind a NFC North and a No. 3 seed with a win in Green Bay. (USATSI)

AFC notes

  • The Patriots are set adult for another good playoff run as they usually need to win during Miami (or remove and have a Broncos lose/tie) to explain a No. 1 seed and home-field advantage. New England is positive of during slightest a No. 2 seed.
  • Denver is now a usually group that can take a No. 1 seed from a Patriots after their stirring OT win over a Bengals on Monday night. If a Broncos win and a Patriots lose, a Broncos win a No. 1 seed regardless of what Cincinnati does as Denver has beaten both teams head-to-head this year.
  • But initial things initial for a Broncos as they still have to win their multiplication with possibly a win/tie opposite a Chargers or a Chiefs’ loss/tie during home to Oakland. If they can accomplish that with a win, they will during slightest be a No. 2 seed, though can also explain a No. 2 seed with a detriment and waste by a Chiefs and a Bengals.
  • Speaking of a Bengals, they harm their seeding chances mightily with a detriment during Denver though have already claimed a AFC North pretension and can squeeze a No. 2seed with a win and Denver loss. Even if a Bengals lose, they would be a No. 2 seed with a Denver detriment and a Kansas City win as that would make a Chiefs a AFC West champs and a Bengals kick a Chiefs head-to-head behind on Week 4.
  • The Chiefs are in a playoffs as possibly a No. 3, No. 5 or No. 6 seed with a No. 5 seed in their control with a win during home opposite Oakland. They explain a AFC West pretension with a win and Broncos detriment … and can also get a fifth seed with a Jets detriment (or both a Chiefs and Jets tie). A No. 5 seed would see a Chiefs transport to possibly Houston or Indianapolis on Wild Card Weekend.
  • The Jets are now a No. 6 seed and control their possess predestine for that seed though have not cumulative a playoff mark yet. The usually thing that can keep them from that is a detriment during Buffalo and a Steelers win during Cleveland. Jets fans should be shaken … and we know many that will positively be come Sunday. The Jets can also be a No. 5 seed and play during possibly Houston or Indy on Wild Card Weekend (seems improved than during Denver, Cincinnati or Kansas City) if they finish adult with a improved record than a Chiefs OR if a Jets win and Denver loses.
  • Pittsburgh is on a outward looking in for a playoffs after their tough detriment to Baltimore in week 16. The Steelers can usually explain a No. 6 seed and transport to a No. 3 seed on Wild Card Weekend with a win during Cleveland and a Jets detriment during Buffalo.
  • Now we come to a fun that is a competition for a AFC South crown. The Texans could have clinched a strength of feat (SOV) tiebreaker over a Colts with a Bengals win on Monday night, though it was not to be. The AFC South champion will be a No. 4 seed and will horde possibly a Chiefs, Jets or Broncos (in that odds order) on Wild Card Weekend.
  • If Houston loses and Indianapolis wins, they will tie on altogether record, separate head-to-head and tie on discussion record (6-6 each) and record opposite common opponents (6-6 each). Next tiebreaker is strength of feat (SOV) or improved described as a sum annals of a teams you’ve beaten. In a box of a Texans and Colts, they have 3 teams any that are non-common wins between them … a Texans have a Bengals, Jets and Saints (27 sum wins now) and a Colts have a Broncos, Falcons and Dolphins (24 sum wins).
  • With usually 3 sum games left for a Colts to locate a Texans for SOV and being behind 3 wins, we can see because a Bengals win on Monday Night would have clinched a tiebreaker for a Texans. So to try and get to a tie in SOV, Indy needs all games to go their approach (Bengals, Jets and Saints waste (a Saints detriment is also a Falcons win) and Broncos and Dolphins wins. But that usually gets them to a tie in SOV and moves to subsequent tiebreaker step that is Strength of Schedule (SOS).
  • The usually non-common games between Houston and Indy are Houston’s games opposite Kansas City and Cincinnati (21 sum wins) and Indy’s games opposite Denver and Pittsburgh (20 sum wins). AND … given a Bengals detriment and Broncos win are already indispensable to benefit a SOV tie, that puts a SOS tiebreaker in a 21 sum wins tie with a usually outcomes left to assistance a Colts being a Chiefs detriment and a Steelers win. If both start and Kansas City loses and Pittsburgh wins, Indy would win a SOS tiebreaker and finish a staggering tiebreaker comeback. They could also win with one of those games restraining and a other outcome finale in a Colts favor.
  • If nothing of those dual formula start or if one diversion ties and they other outcome doesn’t happen, Houston would bind a SOS tiebreaker and win a division.
  • HOWEVER, if usually one of a Kansas City detriment or a Pittsburgh win occur, we have an SOS tie and a NEXT TIEBREAKER is best sum ranking among AFC teams in sum points scored and sum points allowed. Currently, Houston leads during 17 (11th in points scored and tied for 6th in points allowed) and Indianapolis is during 25 (12th in points scored and 13th in points allowed). Due to a inlet of comparatively total points scored in games, clinching scenarios to close this tiebreaker adult are utterly involved though let’s usually contend a Colts have an ascending conflict in this scenario, though it’s not impossible.
  • If best sum discussion ranking were to tie, it moves to best sum joining ranking in points scored and points authorised and a Texans now suffer a sincerely gentle 35 to 51 corner there over a Colts.
  • BOTTOM LINE: Colts have an implausible plea in front of them to win a AFC South…and a Texans usually need one of a Colts many hurdles to go their approach to win a crown. It should be fun to watch (unless you’re a Texans fan) if some of these games start going a Colts approach on Sunday.

Here’s to a fun final weekend of tiebreaker unfolding watching!

The Colts need a spectacle to make a playoffs. (USATSI)

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