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Nexus 9 Being Used To Test Android/Chrome OS Hybrid Software

Nexus 9 Being Used To Test Android/Chrome OS Hybrid Software

Google is reportedly contrast a square of program on a HTC Nexus 9 inscription called “Andromeda,” that is rumored to be a joined Android/Chrome OS program that had been talked about primarily in rumors final year. While there is no acknowledgment from Google on this sold program only yet, a news currently seems to arrangement that a program is indeed being tested on this device. This is also following a news from not too prolonged ago (which primarily flush yesterday) that Google’s combine Chrome OS and Android program could finish adult being teased during their arriving eventuality on Oct 4th, and that a program was called Andromeda internally during Google.

Andromeda being tested on a Nexus 9 begun as a rumor, yet it seems that a AOSP for Android 7.0 Nougat reveals some formula that mentions graphics opening contrast while referencing Andromeda for a Nexus 9 and articulate about a opening score. This doesn’t indeed meant that Google has skeleton to recover Andromeda for a Nexus 9 in any capacity, rather it is expected only a device they have selected to exam a program on. It’s also value deliberation that a joined chronicle of Android and Chrome OS program (in this case, Andromeda, as it now seems to be known) wouldn’t expected be prepared for recover until someday subsequent year, and by a time Google could have a build prepared for a open launch, a Nexus 9 will be good past dual years old.

Even if Google doesn’t have skeleton to launch Andromeda for a Nexus 9 though, a fact that they’re clearly contrast a program on a inscription could meant that they have skeleton to recover a program for destiny tablets, and might have indispensable to accumulate an comprehensive smallest in terms of hardware requirements. That said, there is still a lot that isn’t even famous about Andromeda in a initial place. Google has not strictly announced a program or a devise of operative on it in any central capacity, so there is no genuine approach to know what instruction they devise to take it. More sum demeanour to be not too distant off in a destiny though, if Google does in fact devise to plead Andromeda in some approach during their October 4th event.

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