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Next Year’s iPhone Could Have a Brand-New Look

Next Year’s iPhone Could Have a Brand-New Look

Apple has some large changes in store for subsequent year’s iPhone, according to a new report.

Apple has motionless that it will continue to furnish iPhones but headphone jacks, and skeleton to offer an iPhone subsequent year that will come with an all-glass face and a Touch ID symbol baked directly into a glass, The New York Times is reporting, citing dual sources who explain to have believe of a plans. The pierce would effectively spin a whole face of subsequent year’s iPhone into a touch-enabled surface.

The news comes a week after Apple denounced a iPhone 7 and only days before a latest smartphone hits store shelves. Although a iPhone 7 comes with updated components to urge a estimate power, it also comes with a pattern that looks rather identical to a iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s that launched in 2014 and 2015, respectively. Its pattern has been criticized by some who contend Apple


should have charity a bigger upgrade. And a rejecting of a headphone jack has caused some regard among those who have prolonged clung to tethered headphones.

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Despite those concerns, if a Times‘ sources are correct, Apple won’t behind down on a headphone move. Historically, once Apple has private something, it doesn’t move it back. And headphones, like front drives and Adobe Flash support that came before it, seem like a subsequent misadventure of Apple’s expostulate for a future.

But it’s a thought that Apple would offer a new iPhone pattern subsequent year that competence amour buyers. It’s loyal that a iPhone 7 isn’t a estimable pattern ascent over final year’s indication and a association historically has delivered such vital upgrades each other year. There was some hope, therefore, that a iPhone 7 would broach a estimable ascent over a iPhone 6s.

However, several reports have flush in new months suggesting Apple is negligence a major-upgrade cycle to each 3 years instead of two. There’s also reportedly some regard in Cupertino that subsequent year will be a 10th anniversary of a iPhone’s launch, and not charity a vital refurbish in 2017 could be a problem. So, it’s probable Apple delivered some pattern tweaks this year in expectation of a major, 10-year-anniversary ascent in 2017.

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In fact, over a final several months, rumors have been present that relate what a Times’ sources are saying. Namely, they contend that next year’s iPhone will come with an all-glass body, as good as a Touch ID symbol that would live underneath a glass and respond with haptic feedback like a slight vibration. It’s unknown, however, either a iPhone would be famous as a iPhone 7s, a iPhone 8, or something else associated to a 10-year anniversary.

Of course, a notoriously sly Apple isn’t observant what a skeleton are, and a association expected won’t until subsequent year for fear of overshadowing this year’s iPhone launch. But it’s looking increasingly expected that a 2017 iPhone will be a vital ascent even over this year’s model.

Apple’s iPhone 7 launches on Friday.

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