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News Wrap: Islamic State restrained barter deadline passes

News Wrap: Islamic State restrained barter deadline passes


GWEN IFILL: Another deadline came and went today, with still no word on a predestine of dual hostages hold by a Islamic State group. Instead, final and counterdemands played out during prolonged operation opposite a Middle East.

This is a Turkish limit with Syria, where a militants wanted a supervision of Jordan to palm over a convicted belligerent by nightfall today. The latest deadline was contained in an audio recording by Japanese warrant Kenji Goto. He pronounced another captive, Jordanian commander Muath al-Kaseasbeh, would be killed unless Jordan expelled a 44-year aged Iraqi woman, Sajida al-Rishawi.

She was concerned in a tract to strike 3 hotels in Amman 10 years ago. Her bomb belt never detonated, and she’s been on genocide quarrel there ever since.

But Jordan’s supervision insisted currently that, before she goes free, it wants acknowledgment their commander is alive.

MOHAMMED AL-MOMANI, Jordanian Government Spokesman: Jordan is peaceful to assistance sell Sajida al-Rishawi with a Jordanian commander Muath al-Kaseasbeh. At this point, we wish to stress that we have asked for a explanation of life from Da’esh, and we have not perceived anything as of yet.

GWEN IFILL: The pilot’s father weighed in tonight with another defence for mercy.

SAFI AL KASEASBEH, Father of Hostage (through interpreter): Releasing your Muslim brother, Muath, is going to accept a large certain greeting and appreciation from all Jordanian and Palestinian tribes who share a same faith as you. May God save we and act as a defense for Islam and Muslims.

GWEN IFILL: Japanese diplomats have also been concerned in a flurry of negotiations, though it’s misleading either a warrant Goto would be partial of any deal.

Until now, Jordan has always refused to negotiate with extremists, though a supervision is underneath heated domestic vigour to move a prisoner commander home.

JUDY WOODRUFF: There’s been another insider conflict in Afghanistan, murdering 3 American confidence advisers and wounding a fourth.

Officials contend an Afghan infantryman shot a Americans currently during a troops airfield in Kabul. And, in Egypt, during slightest 25 people died in attacks on troops and troops targets in a Sinai Peninsula. Islamist insurgents have carried out a array of strikes there.

GWEN IFILL: Meanwhile, a moving ease prevailed between Israel and a belligerent organisation Hezbollah. The dual sides signaled they have no seductiveness in sharpening clashes along a Lebanese limit that killed dual Israeli soldiers and a U.N. peacekeeper yesterday.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed a assault on Hezbollah’s categorical supporter.

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, Prime Minister, Israel (through interpreter): It is Iran that is obliged for yesterday’s conflict opposite us from Lebanon. This is a same Iran that is now perplexing to grasp an agreement that would leave it with a ability a rise chief weapons. We will continue to urge ourselves opposite all threats, nearby and distant away.

GWEN IFILL: The flare-up followed an apparent Israeli airstrike that killed 6 Hezbollah fighters and an Iranian ubiquitous inside Syria progressing this month.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Russian-backed rebels in Eastern Ukraine stretched their pull currently to seize some-more territory. The separatists announced they’d scarcely encircled a government-held city north of Donetsk that hosts a pivotal railway hub. At a same time, some-more artillery glow crushed into Donetsk itself. Reports sundry on municipal casualties, though Ukraine’s troops pronounced 5 soldiers were killed in a final 24 hours.

GWEN IFILL: The series of new Ebola cases in West Africa fell next 100 this week, for a initial time given June. The World Health Organization reported currently it’s a strongest pointer nonetheless that a widespread is subsiding. In all, some-more than 8,800 people have died given a conflict began.

JUDY WOODRUFF: For a initial time, a U.S. Senate voted currently to approve a long-delayed Keystone XL oil pipeline. The opinion was 62 to 36. Nine Democrats assimilated 53 Republicans ancillary a devise to lift oil from Canada to a Gulf Coast.

President Obama has threatened to halt a bill, and that stirred appeals from both sides after a vote.

SEN. JOHN HOEVEN, (R) North Dakota: We don’t determine on everything, obviously. But there are things we can work on together. And we are operative to build a right kind of appetite devise for this nation to get to appetite security. And there will be some-more work to do, though we wish a boss will join with us now in a bipartisan approach and pointer this legislation.

SEN. MARIA CANTWELL, (D) Washington: we wish that he vetoes this legislation, because, frankly, we wish him to be means to negotiate. we wish him to be means to negotiate with this association a terms and agreements by that this tube is going to be built. we wish him to strengthen a American economy. we wish him to strengthen a American farmers. And we wish him to strengthen a American environment.

JUDY WOODRUFF: The House and Senate contingency now determine their opposite versions of a check before promulgation it to a president.

GWEN IFILL: And on Wall Street, bonds swung neatly aloft after a collection of improved reports on corporate earnings. The Dow Jones industrial normal gained 225 points to tighten nearby 17417; a Nasdaq rose 45 points to 4683; and a SP 500 combined 19 to finish during 2021.

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