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News Wrap: Fighting flares between Hezbollah and Israel

News Wrap: Fighting flares between Hezbollah and Israel


JUDY WOODRUFF: Fighting flared on a moving Israel-Lebanon limit now after Hezbollah rocket glow killed dual Israeli soldiers, and a Israelis dismissed back. A U.N. peacekeeper from Spain was also killed. It was a deadliest occurrence on a 50-mile-long limit given Hezbollah and Israel fought a fight in 2006.

The Israeli troops answered today’s conflict with airstrikes and artillery fire. And Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Hezbollah to behind off.

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, Prime Minister, Israel (through interpreter): Whoever is behind today’s conflict will compensate a full price. In all of these events, a goal is to urge a state of Israel. Our usually care is a confidence of a state of Israel and a citizens. Thus we have acted, and so we will continue to act.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Hezbollah pronounced a conflict was plea for an airstrike that killed 6 of a fighters only inside Syria progressing this month. Israel has never reliable or denied a purpose in that strike.

GWEN IFILL: New England began digging out now from a snowstorm that dumped as many as 3 feet of sleet from Connecticut to Maine, as temperatures plunged. Martha’s Vineyard was hard-hit, and a whole island of Nantucket mislaid power.

With plateau of sleet watchful to be shoveled, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh betrothed an all-out effort, before another turn of sleet starts descending this weekend.

MAYOR MARTY WALSH, Boston: If there’s sleet on Friday, we will be out there doing it. If there’s sleet on Saturday and Sunday, we will be out there stealing it.

It’s only that this storm, since of a cold weather, we’re not going to have an event for any thawing or melting of any snow. So we need to make certain we transparent a streets as best we can, since we have got to put a sleet that’s entrance potentially over a weekend in another place.

GWEN IFILL: The large dig-out will have to be finished in temperatures that aren’t ostensible to arise above frozen for another week.

JUDY WOODRUFF: President Obama’s hopeful to be U.S. profession ubiquitous faced her Senate acknowledgment conference today. If approved, sovereign prosecutor Loretta Lynch would be a initial African-American lady to reason a office.

LORETTA LYNCH, Attorney General-Designate: we demeanour brazen to fostering a new and softened attribute with this committee, a United States Senate, and a whole United States Congress.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Loretta Lynch came to a conference charity overtures to Republicans who regularly butted heads with her predecessor, including Texas Senator and Majority Whip John Cornyn.

SEN. JOHN CORNYN, (R) Texas: Let me only stipulate, you’re not Eric Holder, are you?

LORETTA LYNCH: No, I’m not, sir.


JUDY WOODRUFF: Republicans had mostly indicted Holder of politicizing a Justice Department. So, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch pulpy Lynch to announce her independence.

SEN. ORRIN HATCH, (R)  Utah: If we are confirmed, will we dedicate to make and urge a laws and a Constitution of a United States, regardless of your personal and philosophical views on them on any matter?

LORETTA LYNCH: Absolutely, sir.

The emanate is not my personal perspective or any emanate of disposition or process even, though it is a avocation and shortcoming of a Department of Justice to urge those statutes.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Lynch did urge a president’s actions to strengthen millions of immigrants from deportation. She suggested it’s a matter of environment priorities.

LORETTA LYNCH: The Department of Homeland Security’s ask and idea that they, in fact, prioritize a dismissal of a many dangerous of a undocumented immigrants among us, those who have rapist records, those who are concerned in inhabitant confidence and terrorism, those who are concerned in squad activity, aroused crime, along with, we believe, people who have recently entered and could poise a hazard to a system, seemed to be a reasonable approach to organise singular resources to understanding with a problem.

JUDY WOODRUFF: The hopeful is now U.S. profession for tools of New York City and Long Island, and as New York Democrat Charles Schumer suggested, she is widely approaching to win her promotion.

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER, (D) New York: If we can’t endorse Loretta Lynch, afterwards we don’t trust we can endorse anyone.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Lynch is a initial of a president’s nominees to face a acknowledgment opinion in a new Republican-run Senate. The conference continues tomorrow with other witnesses.

GWEN IFILL: After 54 years, a South Carolina decider has vindicated 9 black organisation who went to jail for sitting during a whites-only lunch opposite in 1961. They attended little Friendship College in a city of Rock Hill, and became famous as a Friendship Nine. The organisation refused to compensate fines, and instead served 30 days during a jail farm, a tactic that widespread opposite a segregated South.

JUDY WOODRUFF: There will be no some-more executions in Oklahoma until a Supreme Court manners on that state’s fatal injection procedures. The justice now behind 3 tentative executions. Last week, a justices concluded to hear arguments that a opiate used in Oklahoma still allows a cursed male to feel pain.

GWEN IFILL: In mercantile news, a new revolutionary supervision of Greece changed to hurl behind purgation measures today, as promised. In a array of announcements, skeleton for privatizing open zone utilities, ports and resources were put on hold. They’re partial of a Greek bailout understanding with a European Union, though a new financial apportion called a agreement a large poisonous mistake.

YANIS VAROUFAKIS, Finance Minister, Greece (through interpreter): Today, we are branch a page on that mistake that has cost tellurian lives that were mislaid or undermined, that has also cost a partners in Europe. The problem isn’t that Germany, Italy, and a poorer-than-us Slovakia didn’t give adequate income to Greece. They gave some-more than they should have. It was only thrown into a black hole.

GWEN IFILL: The new supervision also sought to encourage financial markets, though Greek bank bonds plunged 25 percent and a Athens Stock Exchange fell scarcely 10 percent.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Wall Street slumped today, even after a Federal Reserve Bank validated that it will be studious before lifting seductiveness rates. Instead, a marketplace focused on a new slip in oil prices to next $45 a barrel, a lowest in scarcely 6 years. That sent a Dow Jones industrial normal down scarcely 196 points, to 17191. The Nasdaq fell 43 to tighten only underneath 4638. And a SP 500 dipped 27 to finish during 2002.

GWEN IFILL: And a vital new automobile recall. Nissan now released dual now for scarcely 768,000 vehicles. One involves electrical shorts and probable fires in some-more than half-a-million brute SUVs. The other covers 216,000 Pathfinders and Infinitis with hood latches that can fail.

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