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Newly-found bug named after President Obama

Newly-found bug named after President Obama

President Barack Obama now has a parasite named after him.

While that competence not sound like a many graceful thing, a scientists who named a new flatworm pronounced they went with a name since a bug is unique.


Baracktrema obamai is found in Malaysian freshwater turtles. The parasitic flatworm infects their lungs and can be fatal.

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In all, scientists have named 7 organisms after Obama.

Researchers found a hairworm, a paragordius obamai, in Kenya and named it after him. That worm was found near where a president’s father lived, hence a namesake.

An archaic and apparently toothy lizard is called Obamadon — or “Obama’s teeth” — since of a president’s toothy smile.

Researchers found a fungus that looks kind of like a dusty leaf in 2007. The mildew was found around a finish of Obama’s initial presidential campaign, and researchers named it a caloplaca obamae after him as a curtsy to his support of scholarship education.

darter fish is named etheostoma obama for a president’s care in environmental protection.

A bird scientifically named Nystalus obamai is generally referred to as a western puffbird.

And afterwards there’s a spider named a aptostichus barackobamai.

When it comes to a parasites, these namesakes competence only seem like a unequivocally crafty approach to diss a commander in chief, though carrying an mammal lift your name is indeed a honor.

And if carrying 7 creatures named after we isn’t a compliment, what is?

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