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New Report – 14 Counties to Be Declared Ebola Free Soon

New Report – 14 Counties to Be Declared Ebola Free Soon

Monrovia — A new news by a Incident Management Team on Ebola has indicated that Grand Cape Mount County will shortly join 13 other counties to be announced Ebola free.

Liberia is essay tough to get to 0 cases as a reopening of schools in a nation is nearing.

Speaking during a unchanging Ebola Hour during a Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) in Monrovia, a conduct of a Incident Management Team, Mr. Tolbert Nyensuah, pronounced Grand Cape Mount, that available a top series of new cases in new weeks, has left 12 days but any new case.

According to Mr. Nyensuah, who is also a Assistant Minister for Preventive Services during a Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, all those who came in hit with putrescent people have left by a quarantined duration of 12 days and are gradually improving but display any pointer of a virus.

“I wish to announce to a Liberian people that Grand Cape Mount County has left by a duration of 12 days quarantined duration but anyone display any pointer of a symptoms. They are gradually creation swell to be on standard with a other 13 counties that are of Ebola free,” pronounced Minister Nyensuah.

“As we speak, there a county could be announced Ebola giveaway within 11 days’ time,” he said.

But a Liberian supervision central remarkable that a conditions is still formidable to understanding with in Montserrado County overdue to a outrageous population.

Unlike other counties, he settled that it is formidable to snippet carriers of a pathogen in Montserrado due to a vast population.

He disclosed that dual new cases have been reported from a St. Paul Bridge Community on a Bushrod Island, outward Monrovia.

“I wish to use this arise to counsel family members, churches, village dwellers to sojourn observant by stating any suspected box of a disease,” Mr. Nyensuah warned.

He disclosed that Liberia is carrying a informal conference with a other dual Ebola influenced countries to come adult with a difficult magnitude their several borders to know how to understanding with any destiny widespread during adjacent points.

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