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NBA Pacific Division preview: Kobe Bryant vs. a world

NBA Pacific Division preview: Kobe Bryant vs. a world

Team to beat: The Los Angeles Clippers competence have a best 1-2 punch in a NBA in Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, and they continue to supplement abyss around those dual each offseason. New backup core Spencer Hawes will contest with teammate Jamal Crawford for a sixth male of a year award. Small brazen is an issue, yet a Clippers have adequate talent to urge their title.

Key story line: Kobe Bryant is angry. In his eyes, he has been disrespected by everybody around him. He seems roughly healthy after blank all yet 6 games final season. No one knows what to design out of a Los Angeles Lakers sharpened ensure during 36. The Lakers have a diseased roster, yet Bryant won’t go down quietly.

Five best players:

  1. Clippers PG Chris Paul
  2. Clippers PF Blake Griffin
  3. Warriors PG Stephen Curry
  4. Kings C DeMarcus Cousins
  5. Suns PG Goran Dragic

Sleeper: At 48-34 final season, a Phoenix Suns were one of a best teams ever to skip a playoffs. They fortified in a offseason, combined Isaiah Thomas for a sixth-man role, bolstering a dual-point ensure system. Eric Bledsoe sealed on for 5 years, and his health could take a Suns adult a level. They went 27-13 when he started final year.

Breakout star: Klay Thompson’s name kept entrance behind adult in NBA news over a offseason, initial since a Golden State Warriors weren’t peaceful to trade him for Kevin Love, afterwards for his large performances for Team USA, afterwards in a contention of a best backcourts in a NBA. He’s not Curry’s equal in their Splash Brothers partnership, yet he does play a outrageous purpose with his invulnerability and spot-up shooting.

Best newcomer: Since Thomas stayed within a multiplication (traded from a Sacramento Kings to a Suns), this mark goes to Lakers indicate ensure Jeremy Lin. He never fit good with a Houston Rockets and gets a possibility to play a ancillary purpose for Bryant on a group carnivorous for descent production. He’s a streaky scorer, yet “Linsanity,” when he rose to celebrity with a New York Knicks in Feb 2012, wasn’t that prolonged ago.

Prediction: The Clippers will corner a Warriors for a multiplication title, with both creation a playoffs. The Suns could cheep in, too, or they could be left out again if a sorcery wears off. The Kings and Lakers, though, will be among a West’s misfortune teams.

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