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NBA All-Star Reserves 2015: Full Roster List and Analysis for East and West

NBA All-Star Reserves 2015: Full Roster List and Analysis for East and West

A week after a voting open picked a starters for a 2015 NBA All-Star Game, a coach-selected pot were announced Jan. 29.

There were a few surprises, and it seems transparent peculiarity trumped apportion in some cases, that helps explain Kevin Durant‘s inclusion on a register notwithstanding blank some-more games than he’s played this year.

Here are a finish rosters:

2015 NBA All-Star Rosters for East and West

Eastern Conference
Western Conference
John Wall, WAS
Backcourt Starter
Stephen Curry, GSW
Kyle Lowry, TOR
Backcourt Starter
Kobe Bryant, LAL
Pau Gasol, CHI
Frontcourt Starter
Anthony Davis, NOP
LeBron James, CLE
Frontcourt Starter
Marc Gasol, MEM
Carmelo Anthony, NYK
Frontcourt Starter
Blake Griffin, LAC
Jimmy Butler, CHI
Backcourt Reserve
Klay Thompson, GSW
Kyrie Irving, CLE
Backcourt Reserve
Chris Paul, LAC
Paul Millsap, ATL
Frontcourt Reserve
James Harden, HOU
Al Horford, ATL
Frontcourt Reserve
Kevin Durant, OKC
Chris Bosh, MIA
Frontcourt Reserve
LaMarcus Aldridge, POR
Jeff Teague, ATL
Wild Card Reserve
Tim Duncan, SAS
Dwyane Wade, MIA
Wild Card Reserve
Russell Westbrook, OKC

A few things to note before conflict a selections in full:

Commissioner Adam Silver will name any damage replacements.

Now, let’s get detailed.


Eastern Conference


Backcourt: Jimmy Butler, SG, Chicago Bulls


Butler’s phenomenal, scarcely MVP-worthy start didn’t last. His true-shooting percentage, actor potency rating and altogether capability have declined usually in any of a season’s initial 3 months. Nonetheless, he was a practical tighten to secure a haven spot.

Butler’s mutation from defensive capsule to all-around star has been remarkable. He leads a joining in mins per game, is scoring over 20 points a night after posting a prior career high of 13.1 and still matches adult with each opponent’s many dangerous wing scorer.

The MVP is out of a question. But Butler’s still a honourable All-Star who’ll substantially be on a really brief list of Most Improved possibilities during season’s end.


Backcourt: Kyrie Irving, PG, Cleveland Cavaliers

Irving’s 93 points in his past dual games didn’t cause into his preference to a All-Star team, that is a shame. Fortunately, coaches were amply confident with what he’d finished beforehand.

David Liam Kyle/Getty Images

Irving finished fourth among Eastern Conference guards in fan voting this year after garnering adequate votes to start final year’s game, that is peculiar deliberation he put adult defective numbers on a sub-.500 group in 2013-14. You’d consider his softened prolongation and purpose on a playoff-bound patrol would have kept his fan interest high.

Though a coaches tabbed Irving this time around, this is still a win for a fans. He’s done a robe of winning All-Star festivities in a past, as his MVP endowment from final year’s diversion indicates.


Frontcourt: Paul Millsap, F, Atlanta Hawks


The initial of 3 Hawks on a East roster, Millsap is substantially a slightest startling selection. He done it final year, and his reduction of versatile ability and courage is ideally offset to interest to voting coaches.

The pierce to a East final year has done it easier for Millsap to get noticed. In a past 5 seasons, he’s been remarkably consistent. His PER has been between 19.8 and 21.8 in each year of a final half-decade, and his loyal sharpened commission has hold solid between 54.5 percent and 57.8 percent, per

That was never adequate for an All-Star breakthrough in a West.

Consistency, prolongation and a heading purpose on a East’s many widespread patrol done Millsap an easy collect for a second true year.


Frontcourt: Al Horford, F/C, Atlanta Hawks

A delayed start gave arise to concerns that Horford, sensitively one of a best bigs in a East in new years, competence be on a downslope of his career. A Jan swell noted by averages of 16.7 points, 7.5 rebounds and 4.3 assists on 59 percent sharpened (all in 31.5 mins per game) put those concerns to rest.

And his biggest impact has been on defense, as’s Marc Stein notes:

Maybe Horford’s across-the-board numbers won’t wow you, yet Atlanta’s absurd 30-2 swell given Thanksgiving has been sparked by a mutation on D from a group in a bottom 5 in defensive potency to a top-five unit. And Horford’s light lapse to form, after all of his damage woes over a past dual seasons, is a cause that mostly triggered that turnaround.

Horford hadn’t done an All-Star Game given a 2010-11 season, so this one is as honeyed as it is deserved.


Frontcourt: Chris Bosh, PF, Miami Heat


Bosh spent a initial half of a deteriorate proof to critics he’d taken on a obtuse purpose during a Heat’s dynasty by choice. With averages of 21.3 points and 7.5 rebounds, a 30-year-old brazen showed he could still effectively hoop a alpha dog position he played for so many years with a Toronto Raptors.

On gait to break his career high in done triples, Bosh also hasn’t left behind a floor-stretching skills his days as a second fiddle forced him to invent.

His 10th true preference puts him in a bar with Bryant, LeBron James, Tim Duncan and Dwyane Wade as a game’s usually All-Stars with double-digit appearances.


Wild Card: Jeff Teague, PG, Atlanta Hawks

Teague’s preference means a impassioned Hawks will send 3 All-Stars to New York (at least; some-more on that in a moment), a many of any team.

It had to be this way. Atlanta is conduct and shoulders above a rest of a conference, and it was critical for a coaches to compensate reverence to one of a many agreeably startling success stories of a season. Teague’s not any arrange of gift case, though; he warranted his mark by being a ignition in Atlanta’s ball-movement offense.

His adaptation of a pick-and-roll and ability to dig a line get a Hawks’ conflict humming.

Oh, and for a sixth true season, his points-per-game normal and PER have increased, per They’re both sitting during career highs of 17.0 and 22.2, respectively.


Wild Card: Dwyane Wade, SG, Miami Heat

It’s tantalizing to concentration on Wade’s 10 missed games and a subpar opening of his group when looking for reasons to impugn his selection. But a fact is, he’s been remarkably effective to this point, averaging 21.4 points and 5.4 assists and heading all East sharpened guards with a 22.5 PER, according to

Issac Baldizon/Getty Images

As was a box for Aldridge and Bryant in a West, an damage could meant Wade won’t play during all. He stretched his heavy right hamstring in a Heat’s final diversion before a voting announcement. His comments to reporters, per Tom Haberstroh of, weren’t encouraging: “I won’t be saying we for a small while,” Wade pronounced as he finished speaking.

There’s wish for Kyle Korver yet.


Western Conference

Backcourt: Klay Thompson, SG, Golden State Warriors

It’s tough to know if Thompson indispensable his absurd 37-point third-quarter opposite a Sacramento Kings to wholly locate a courtesy of coaches. Even before that outburst, he’d been carrying a best year of his career by a far-reaching margin, gripping gait with teammate Stephen Curry on a fringe while flashing vastly softened off-the-dribble skills.

Thompson’s expansion has been profound. Prior to his potency rating of 22.7 this deteriorate (good for ninth in a league), Thompson’s career high was indeed his rookie rating of 14.9, a hair next joining average.

The usually thing gripping Thompson from posting career highs opposite a house is Golden State’s slight blowout wins that mostly outcome in early rests. He’s averaging usually 32.6 mins per game. On a per-minute basis, Thompson has exceeded all of his prior bests.

Klay Thompson Per-36 Minutes


Bryant was voted a starter and won’t play. So, a usually doubt is: Will conduct manager Steve Kerr, a lady informed with Thompson’s talents, start him alongside teammate Stephen Curry?


Backcourt: Chris Paul, PG, Los Angeles Clippers

Though some of a selections have been controversial, Paul’s inclusion is flattering many bulletproof. He’s posting standard CP3 stats—17.5 points, 9.7 assists, 4.7 rebounds and 47.1 percent shooting—and, maybe some-more importantly, he runs a uncover for a NBA’s top-ranked offense.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

You can disagree he’s been picking his spots some-more mostly on invulnerability in his 10th season, yet he’s been as earthy and feisty as ever when a Clips have indispensable him to be.

This is Paul’s eighth uninterrupted All-Star appearance.


Frontcourt: James Harden, SG, Houston Rockets

Harden leads a joining in scoring, trails usually Anthony Davis in PER, has propped adult an differently common Rockets offense and has undone defenses by sketch fouls during a absurd rate. He has taken and done over 100 some-more giveaway throws than Butler, who ranks second in a joining in both categories.

Nobody comes tighten to presenting a one-one-one calamity Harden does.

This is his best career deteriorate to date, and it’s got copiousness of observers murmur about an MVP award. Teammate Corey Brewer has been reduction guarded, per ClutchFans:


Frontcourt: Kevin Durant, SF, Oklahoma City Thunder


Missing 25 games, some-more than half of a season, didn’t keep Durant from creation his sixth uninterrupted All-Star team. His inclusion on a register offers nonetheless another instance of how a criteria for electorate is formidable to spike down.

When healthy, KD has been his common self, posting a actor potency rating usually a parasite next a one he logged as a league’s MVP a year ago and generally scoring during will. Remember, he set an NBA record by pier 30 points in usually 20 mins opposite a Warriors on Dec. 18.

In a microcosm of his season, though, that well-developed opening was cut brief by injury. He didn’t lapse in a second half since of an ankle sprain.

If a All-Star Game is designed to prerogative players carrying a best altogether seasons, KD’s injury-shortened year lacks a accumulative value required to acquire a spot. At a same time, it’s hard to bar maybe a league’s best actor from a game.

For a coaches voting, it was too hard. So Durant’s in.


Frontcourt: LaMarcus Aldridge, PF, Portland Trail Blazers

The intrepidity of disappearing medicine on a ripped ride vinculum was apparently not mislaid on a coaches voting for All-Star reserves.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

That’s not to contend Aldridge’s mark should go to someone else. He’s been a matchup calamity on a fringe and a brutally effective scorer on a retard this year. His career-best 23.6 points per diversion (through Jan. 29) has to be acknowledged, as does his frightening 51.1 percent sharpened from prolonged distance.

It’s tough to disremember LMA’s personal scapegoat for a raise of his team, generally if you’re a manager who substantially dreams about that kind of selflessness.

Even after being respected with a selection, he went immediately to bat for his teammate, per Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports:

As was mentioned earlier, Aldridge has a superb forgive for sitting out a contest. Cousins still has a approach into this thing.


Wild Card: Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs

At age 38, Duncan is a joining personality in defensive genuine plus-minus, according to Ranking among a NBA’s many impactful defenders has to count for something, generally when we span that eminence with 14.7 points, 10.1 rebounds, 3.1 assists and 2.0 blocks in usually 30.3 mins per game.


Duncan has been a Spurs’ rock, posting superb numbers while staying healthier (he’s played in 42 of 47 games) than both Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili.

Maybe there’s an component of a bequest respect here. And maybe we can disagree that there were other possibilities who deserved care in a frontcourt (think Cousins, Dirk Nowitzki, Zach Randolph and DeAndre Jordan), yet if winning, invulnerability and professionalism matter, Duncan’s a excellent pick.


Wild Card: Russell Westbrook, PG, Oklahoma City Thunder

J Pat Carter/Associated Press

Everything about Westbrook’s diversion seems amped adult this year. He’s producing a top scoring normal and use rates of his career while floating past his prior bests in PER, free-throw rate and bold media interactions, per

Unfortunately, furious shot preference and emasculate fourth-quarter takeovers are also partial of Westbrook’s makeup, and a dials on those have been cranked to 10 as well.

For that reason, in further to blank 14 games, it would have been comparatively easy to explain withdrawal Russ off a roster.

Don’t be mistaken; Westbrook is still on a really brief list of players who force opponents to order whole diversion skeleton designed to stop him. He can win contests wholly on his own, infrequently by perfect force of will.

If I’m a manager with a vote, we certain don’t wish to motivate one of a NBA’s many relentlessly rival army with a snub. It’s probable that concern, churned with Westbrook’s prolongation spike, was pivotal in overcoming OKC’s so-so record and some-more than a dozen games mislaid to injury.


Graphics by Adam Fromal

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